Enterprise Architecture SIG (EA)

The discipline of Enterprise Architecture (EA) must be embraced at every level in an organisation to the point of a company-wide cultural shift. EA SIG intents to equip its members with the knowledge to minimize costs and maximise profits by improving efficiency and increasing stakeholder values.

The sharing of knowledge begets new knowledge. For this reason, EA SIG will be organising various events featuring a diversity of industry professionals as a networking platform for exchanges of ideas and practices, meeting of the like-minded and sharing of knowledge.



Aaron Tan Dani, MSCS
ATD Solution

Morgan Rasan, MSCS
ATD Solution

Committee Member
Chua Siu Cheng, MSCS
United Overseas Bank

Committee Member
Goh Chiang Chey, MSCS
Nanyang Technological University

Committee Member
Tan Chin Seng Peter, MSCS
Integrated Health Information Systems

Committee Member
Tay Poh Hoe Stewart, SMSCS
DXC Technology                                 

Committee Member
Jasmine Wong, MSCS
Singapore Pools


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