About Us

The Singapore Computer Society (SCS) is the leading infocomm and digital media professional society in Singapore.

Established in 1967, the Society has a thriving membership base of over 33,000 members today. We have a total of 16 specialist groups that promote mind-sharing of case studies, experiences and latest trends and emerging technologies. We continue to work hard to establish a strong reputation as the voice of Singapore's infocomm and digital media community.         

We serve our members by adding value to their professional and personal development aims, with the overarching mission of driving the growth of Singapore's industry leadership in the region.

From publications, to training and development, networking opportunities and more, we aim to support our members with the value they seek to connect, collaborate, and inspire them in infocomm innovation and excellence.

We are committed to raising the bar in the industry through our various certification programmes that enable skills upgrading and career advancement. Our InfoPier online registry is the first of its kind in Singapore providing infocomm and digital media professionals access to a vast network of  peers and specialists in the industry.

SCS is also actively engaged in developing future generations of infocomm talents. Our student members enjoy opportunities to meet, mingle with, and be mentored by leading practitioners for an invaluable head start in their chosen fields.