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Brief Intro of Us:

Adventus Singapore is a company that believes in developing its people and giving them ample opportunities to grow and enhance their value and abilities.

Since its establishment in 2005, Adventus - a leader in Information Technology solutions and IT outsourcing services - has successfully built a vibrant and positive corporate culture where employees can thrive in an inspirational and supportive work environment. The drive to excel pervades throughout the company, enforced by excellent remuneration and benefits, generous performance bonuses and clear rewards and recognition.

Not surprisingly, employee satisfaction scores were all above 8 out of 10 in an employee satisfaction survey conducted in December 2014.

Our Working Culture:

  • Effective human resources policies

Developing people to their fullest potential is at the heart of Adventus' human resources (HR) policies. This is done through employee empowerment where capable staffs are given opportunities to try new areas of work, enabling them to gain new skills and knowledge.

"Since joining Adventus in 2012, I have been involved in different aspects of the business, allowing me to gain new exposure and interesting work experiences. For instance, I was tasked to lead a team of five members to help the company to attain the ISO-9001 certification," says Lee Ching Yi, Assistant Operations Manager.

The company supports employee empowerment with a well-structured training and development programme. Active talent development is carried out at three levels:

  1. Adventus Management training programme (for employees earmarked for managerial positions)
  2. Adventus High Potential training programme (for developing team leaders)
  3. Individualised training programme for each employee
  • Excellence in people management

Our company genuinely cares for our staff well-being and believes in treating them well by offering attractive pay and comprehensive staff welfare benefits. Adventus employees appreciate being pampered by a well-stocked pantry filled with an endless supply of Coke and energy snacks! The HR department organises a wide variety of recreational activities to build camaraderie across all levels of staff. Expect weekly jogging sessions, rock climbing and healthy cooking classes as well as bowling and ice skating activities.

Adventus has such a strong conviction in the value of its employees that staff benefits include birthday and family care leave as well as company-sponsored family trips to places of interest in Singapore. Adventus managers make sure their subordinates enjoy work-life balance and have time for family, friends and hobbies.

"I appreciate that the company is so committed to work-life balance. We work hard, but there are also many sports, team building and fun activities to promote our health and well-being," says Jeff Queck, Assistant Technical Manager.

Employees who meet or exceed their monthly and yearly KPIs are rewarded with monetary incentives. Outstanding employees get additional performance bonuses. Such tangible incentives have significantly boosted company and individual work performances.

In addition to monetary rewards are employee recognition awards such as Monthly Best Employee Award (for the stellar employee who delivers excellent work in line with Adventus Core Values), Logistics Superstar Award (for logistics staff who achieve highest point for top deliveries, and best attendance), and Fast and Furious Award (to reward technical engineers for fast problem resolution and fast response on site).

  • Clear management direction

Management sets clear goals and objectives at quarterly company meetings and team leaders communicate KPIs clearly to every employee. Progress is monitored through monthly meetings and staff are given support to achieve their KPIs.

  • Strong spirit of innovation

Adventus believes in harnessing technology to transform its business and make it run more efficiently. In 2008, we invested $200,000 in SAP business software to integrate inventory, services and financial reporting. The business software freed employees from manual work processes for more strategic work such as building customer relationships. The company plans to invest in integrated HRM business software this year.

This innovation drive is prevalent throughout the organisation. Taking the lead are its managers who are open to new and innovative ideas for improvement (score of 8.4 in employee survey).

What Our Associates Say:

Adventus is indeed the employer of choice for its employees. The employee satisfaction survey shows:

  • High level of job satisfaction
    Employees feel strongly they are making a meaningful contribution as an Adventus employee (score: 8.67)

"Adventus is a company that treats and rewards its employees well," says Allan Lim, Service Delivery Manager who was promoted twice within five years of joining the company.

  • Healthier workplace
    The average number of medical leave has fallen by half, from 4.7 days in 2010 to 2.42 days in 2014. In fact, the number of people who did not take any MC has risen from 23% in 2013 to 43% in 2014.

  • Company pride
    Majority of Adventus employees are proud of where they work (score: 8.5)

  • Positive work environment
    Adventus' positive corporate culture is reflected in the high satisfaction scores in two key areas: working relationships with colleagues (score: 8.99) and managers (score: 8.67), and helpful managers (score: 8.6). So, it is not surprising that staff morale is high and turnover is low.

Our Accolades:

Adventus has garnered several awards for excellent business practices and service excellence, including:

  • ISO 9001 2014 for quality management system

  • Singapore Quality Class 2013 for business excellence

  • Singapore Service Class 2013 for outstanding customer service