10 Best Tech Companies to Work For 2017
WINNER - Start-ups/ Small Organisations, 2017

About Carousell and Our Working Culture

Carousell has always been driven to change the world for the better. We want to help people change the way they think about consumption and make their lives more meaningful. We did this by creating a marketplace that makes it easy for pre-loved items to find new homes. With Carousell, people have an avenue to pass on items they no longer want or need, freeing up the space for the things they find most meaningful. Similarly for buyers, Carousell is a place of hidden gems and niche finds that can be picked up on a budget.

Our goal is to become the #1 mobile classifieds marketplace in all markets. To achieve that, we recognise the need for a team that is resourceful, innovative, and creative. It's important for the Carousell team to be passionate brand advocates with a good understanding of the product.

While you can try to hire people who display those traits, we believe that nurturing the right company culture is also critical to growing a successful company. We'll only be as good as the people who make up the Carousell team.

We take great care in selecting our candidates. We probably have a few extra rounds in our interview process compared to other companies, but we feel it's really important to find not just people who can perform the role, but people who fit the company.

Our co-founders are the keepers of the Carousell family and culture and always make the time to speak with every interviewee in their final interview, from intern right up to senior management.

What we look for in our hires are optimism, curiosity and risk-taking. It helps to have a young team, who are too young to be jaded and not as aware of the immense obstacles they'll face. These are the people who will surprise you with the "out-there" ideas you need in a start-up.

By offering them a chance to try something different without being afraid of failure, encouraging them to ask questions and discover the business outside of their specific functions, we improve our chances of achieving our goal.

We also believe in creating an open and conducive environment to allow our people the space to explore and grow.

In the Carousell office, there are no silos or cubicles. Instead, we have a spacious pantry and many breakaway areas for people to gather and discuss plans, including a room that has no tables - just couches, a whiteboard, a giant Snorlax.

The layout encourages our teams to mix around and learn from each other. Teamwork is an important element in our organisation. Ultimately, we are all one big family, often sharing a lunch together, and through these bonds we can share ideas and experiences.

Working for a startup is gradually being accepted by the wider population as a viable career choice. At Carousell, we give our people the opportunity to be part of something potentially world-beating, where their ideas can have tangible outcomes that impact lives in meaningful ways.

What Our Associates Say

"I really enjoyed the culture of intellectual curiosity at Carousell. Asking hard questions and suggesting alternatives is something that's welcomed here, even across teams and across all levels of seniority. Plus, you'll never hear "Because that's the way we do it" as an answer to "why?" at Carousell." - Ari Bezman, Senior Product Manager

"When I started as an engineer here, I helped to build the product by coding it. Now as a senior manager, I get to help build the team by imparting knowledge to the new engineers and helping to develop their talent. When I look back, it definitely feels like I've gotten a lot of opportunities to grow." - Victor Neo, Senior Engineering Manager

"The flexible timing at Carousell enables me to come in early and leave early as I have to pick up my son from school. The team is very understanding and co-operative, and they respect my timings and role as a mother outside of the office. In fact, I was overwhelmed when I received flowers on Mother's Day - it means so much to me and makes me feel really special here." - Ruchika Rawat, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

"You can get a sense of the growing number of people using our app from the numbers at our weekly team meetings. But you can really see for yourself, with your own eyes, just how much we've impacted the community when you keep seeing the people around you on the train and on the street browsing our app!" - Vern Urairat, Customer Experience Specialist

"I love that Carousell has helped so many people in the community become sellers and buyers - it's like whenever my friends want to declutter, they usually go straight to Carousell even if they don't know I work here. It's such a great feeling that you're involved in a service that helps so many people!" - Shashina Phillips, Customer Experience Specialist