10 Best Tech Companies to Work For 2017

About EON Reality

EON Reality is a world leader in Virtual and Augmented Reality solution provider for industry and education.

EON Reality, believes that knowledge is a human right, and it's our goal to make knowledge available, affordable, and accessible for every human on the planet. To do this, we're creating the next generation of Virtual and Augmented Reality tools to increase the world's knowledge transfer capacity.

EON Reality Singapore, established in the heart of Biopolis, has an R&D office of 43 members, across 7 nationalities. The Singapore office has been supporting customers since 1999 with virtual reality and digital media solutions that improve communication and knowledge transfer - from simulation based learning and safety training, to the creation of interactive 3D sales and marketing materials, to engaging applications that provide realistic experiences anytime, anywhere.

With Virtual and Augmented Reality learning, students and trainees learn through showing rather than telling. EON Reality provides the ability to get "hands on" experience in a virtual environment. This enables learners to accelerate the traditional learning process and creates a competitive advantage to its users.

Our Working Culture

  • We are innovators not just employees

  • Collaboration with local and international institutions on internship programs

  • Organization Structure, Motivated workforce & Recognizing and Rewarding Performance

  • EON works on a 3P approach: Process, Place and People

What Our Associates Say

"What I like about EON is that this place (EON) is very family oriented and it offers me flexible hours. As a mother of a one-and-a-half-year-old, I get different working timings from the rest of my colleagues and that allows me to be home for my family." - Erica Tay, Project Coordinator

"I've been working here for five years and I have received a long-time service award. I really enjoy my stay here because I am exposed to lots of projects that involve different types of technology that really helps me in my career growth." - Dimas Prasetyo, Application Developer

"The best things about working here is that we have very comprehensive health benefits which extends to yourself and your family which is really great for parents. The next thing is that the communication style here is very clear and concise; it's a fair environment where everybody gets to contribute their thoughts and opinions." - Sean Teo, Art Director

"What I like about EON is the people; I have managed to create a lot of bond with the people from various backgrounds while working with them to come up with solutions for projects that has lots of challenges. I really appreciate the team here and, Go Team!" - Daniel Choo, Assistant Project Manager

"Prior to joining this company, I had no experience in AR or VR. However, EON Reality had trusted my merits as a UX designer and has given me an opportunity to prove my worth, so I am thrilled to be here to do so." - Masturah Maidin, UI/UX Designer

"As a Quality Assurance Engineer, I am privileged to play with many of the latest devices, and learn a lot about the AR and VR technology. EON is also a very family-orientated company. As a father of three when my kids are sick, I am able to work at home and at the same time, take care of my kids." - Allan Yeo, Senior Quality Assurance Lead

"It has been three years since I have been working here and I must say that my experience has been really amazing. What I love about this company is its diversity; people come from different backgrounds and bring in different perspectives, hence it helps in innovative ideas." - Shilpa Saraeiya, Senior R&D Engineer

"I love to work here because my skills are identified for the specific technology and there are a lot of opportunities to keep applying my technology and keep working on it. The important thing is, everybody here is treated as equals and we can share our opinions openly and everybody's concerns are very much taken care and addressed. Thus, everybody loves to work in EON." - Sara Alalasundaram, Database Architect

Our Accolades

  • #1 AR App Creator Worldwide in 2017

  • Education 4.0 Vision conversation with Auronya college

  • 2-time Award Winner for InnovPlus Competition, 2016 & 2017