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About Tableau

Tableau is on a mission to help people see and understand their data.

Having a missionary culture means creating a work environment that allows for a job to be more than a job, where we come to work every day with a missional mindsight which leads to individual ownership.

Our culture is casual and high-energy. We are passionate about our product and our mission and we are loyal to each other and our company. We value work/life balance, efficiency, simplicity, freakishly friendly customer service, and making a difference in the world!

Our fundamental belief is in the democratization of data, meaning "the people who know the data should be the ones empowered to ask questions of the data."

We believe that everyday knowledge workers should have the ability to easily access their data, able to analyze and discover insights about their data without assistance from the elite few - the data scientists and IT developers.

Our contributions to the society are demonstrated through:

  1. Tableau Academic - Tableau's academic programmes offer free Tableau Desktop licenses for students and instructors, as well as special education rates for school administrators to encourage the study and use of data analytics in the classroom. Most recently, Tableau partnered with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in co-organising the National Infocomm Competition (NIC) Face-off | Data Analytics Competition 2016.

  2. Tableau Foundation - Tableau Foundation was established to encourage the use of facts and analytical reasoning to solve the world's problems. In Singapore, our employees have the opportunity to participate through giving, 8 hours of paid volunteer hours and leadership. Most recently, the Singapore team conducted a 5 weeks donation drive for Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore in Q1 2016 and a bread and spread distribution exercise in Q2 2016 to occupiers in rented housing and elderlies living on their own, guided by Yong En Care Centre.

  3. Tableau Public - A free platform that lets anyone create, publish, and share interactive data visualizations and stories online. Authors are able to share their work on social media or embed dashboards on the web, no programming required.

Our Working Culture

Employee relations and engagement

  • All new employees are invited to attend a 2 weeks new hires global "Boot Camp" at our Headquarters in Seattle, Washington. During which, they will attend a day-long Tableau University course, where they have the opportunity to ask senior executives and co-founders any questions they may have during in an open Q&A lunch session.

  • An important part of our Tableau culture is to share information with employees about the company. On a regular basis, we receive updates and information from our Chairman and Co-Founder - Christian Chabot and APAC Senior VP Sales - JY Pook. Our senior leadership team candidly shares information including company performance and new product launches, information which may not be publicly available yet. We also organized casual Town hall sessions (Ice Cream Day) for all employees to offer the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Singapore employees receive an update of the company's performance via weekly email to reinforce to employees the importance of their jobs and their contributions to the success of the company, as a whole and as a region.

Policies regarding performance, remuneration and benefits

  • Compensation for all sales employees include a base and variable (commission) component and all non-sales employees receive a base salary and participation in the company's bonus program, which can be up to 10% of base pay, based on company performance.

  • Tableau has paid out the company bonus to Singapore non-sales employees every year since opening our offices in Singapore.

  • Working at a Tableau means working for a company that offers employees incentives to join and remain at the company. Tableau generally offers certain incentives in the form of equity (restricted stock units) and / or merit increases as part of our annual performance review cycle and also to participate in an Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

  • We grant 3 days of paid marriage leave, a congratulatory card with a wedding gift worth up to S$100 to newlyweds.

  • We grant 4 weeks of paid paternity leave to fathers and parents who adopt.

  • We offer 12 weeks of paid maternity leave with flexibility to use over a 12 months period from the child's birth.

  • We ensure employees receive 75% guaranteed variable commission (as applicable) when on maternity/paternity leave despite not actively working.

  • Employees are entitled to 5 compassionate days paid time off.

Recruitment and manpower planning capabilities

  • Our recruiting team works with each business unit within Tableau to identify up to 8 key attributes/characteristics to ensure effective and insightful conversations during candidates' interviews and confirmation of a successful team member.

  • We also invite anyone interested in Tableau to join our fun and interactive Recruiting Happy Hour events - that enables us to see how candidates communicate and interact with others in a social environment.

  • We utilize an interview panel at times, especially for senior candidates, which consists of managers/peers from across functions/country/region.

  • As we believe our employees are the best source for candidates and will naturally find people, we pay referral fees ranging from US$2000 to $5000 for each candidate that accepts a position with Tableau.

What our Associates Say

Tableau employees join the company to do more than just a job, but to build an amazing and sustainable company that contributes to the local community and the greater world.

Mrinal Daryani, Product Consultant, Tableau
While working on his final year project at university, Mrinal was first introduced to Tableau's products by an excited friend. This friend was eager to show Mrinal the new tool that he had stumbled upon, as the former believed it would help the latter in his project. Fast-forward two years and a successful project later, Mrinal now gets to share this tool with potential customers and enable them to produce more data-driven decision-making.

Mrinal finds that his colleagues are always findings reasons (and creative ways!) to celebrate in the workplace. Whether it's a customer success story, a company milestone, a birthday, or a work anniversary - the common area in the pantry seems to always be bustling.

Fun aside, Mrinal shared that every year, employees from all around the world travel to Seattle, US for the Annual General Meeting to meet for global team planning and training. Everyone can feel like their voices are heard, and this is what makes Tableau a really great place to work!

Siti Nurbiah Daud, Global Services Coordinator, Tableau
Passionate about philanthropy, and inspired by the Tableau Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and philanthropic efforts globally, Siti has been able to pioneer and spearhead several of the company's initiatives in Asia Pacific. Currently an active member on the Tableau Foundation workgroup, she has participated in numerous activities like donation drives, painting houses for the less fortunate, and more.

She is thankful to her supervisors for giving her the opportunities and support to explore areas that are truly meaningful to her. Having been with Tableau for two years now, Siti has not only experienced career growth within the company, but also feels that she has had a personally fulfilling journey. She describes the team as an extension of her "family", which is highly attributed to the people and culture at Tableau where everyone is open, honest and happy. For her, Tableau feels like home.

Cherilyn Xiang Yi Tay, Territory Development Manager, Tableau
Cherilyn describes her experience at Tableau as "love at first conversation." A couple of years into her career, Cherilyn was looking for a more vibrant and exciting company to join - that was when she chanced upon Tableau. Cherilyn was immediately drawn to the people she met, the easy-to-use product, and meaningful company mission of empowering all people to see and understand their data.

Two years into her job at Tableau, Cherilyn still beams about the sincerity and diversity of the Tableau team she is working with. She also gave a special mention to the flat and open leadership structure. From the social activities that are planned for the Tableau team and customers, to the regular team bonding activities that take place, Cherilyn feels lucky to come to work with friends (not just colleagues) every day. She is very excited to continue growing and learning with the Tableau Asia Pacific team.

Alvin Ang, Regional IT, Asia Pacific, Tableau
A year and a half ago, Alvin transformed from being a Tableau viewer to becoming a Tableau employee. Alvin found Tableau's software to be a breath of fresh air when his former company was using it, and was instantly drawn to the company.

Since then, Alvin has found the Tableau environment to be really energetic and he especially enjoys working with the people. What he appreciates most is the shared sense of ownership within the team when it comes to work responsibilities. He also finds the Tableau leadership to be inspiring, as his managers were very supportive during times like when his wife was injured and hospitalised or when he recently took paternity leave when his first child was born. To Alvin, "teamwork" and "work-life balance" really exemplify the culture at Tableau, and that does not end with the intra-team table tennis (which he happens to be great at) tournaments that the office organises!

Shoko Hayashi, Sales Area Manager, Singapore, Tableau
Shoko moved from Japan to the Tableau Asia Pacific office in Singapore and she was immediately greeted with warm friendships. She was also amazed to see the diversity of the team structure here. Although she was initially nervous to start working in a new city, the welcoming team and approachable managers quickly made her feel at ease.

Shoko really believes in the Tableau product and company mission of empowering people to see and understand their data. She sometimes wishes that she had a tool like Tableau when she was working in Finance prior to joining Tableau. She shared that she is really excited to continue working with the growing Tableau team and meeting new people. She is currently busy with helping her team evolve the business in this region and working with customers to solve all their data challenges.

Kenny Lee, Product Consultant, Tableau
As a student, Kenny has always taken a keen interest in a career that is able to deliver meaningful footprint with technology. He learnt about Tableau during a University study trip to Silicon Valley, and was immediately drawn to the organisation's mission and potential to make a positive impact on the world through data. This started his Tableau journey through an internship.

Already sold on the company's mission, the people within the company and the nature of his role were what convinced him to make Tableau a full-time job.

In particular, Kenny shared how much he appreciates the nurturing Tableau leaders that he has had a chance to work with and how much he has learnt from them. Entering Tableau as a fresh graduate, he feels that the people, training, and opportunities in the company really helped him grow professionally. Kenny also shared that he has gained valuable mentors and friends in Tableau, and looks forward to more opportunities ahead in this great place to work!

Our Accolades

  • Awarded top 10 Best Companies to Work for by Great Place to Work Singapore 2016

  • Tableau is recognised as Top Companies where the World wants to work now by LinkedIn

  • In Singapore, we were awarded by Frost & Sullivan at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards

  • Gartner, the global IT research firm ranked us the gold standard in the Business Intelligence Magic Quadrant