HP Inc. Singapore
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Reinventing HP

The core of HP is innovation. It's in our technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. It's in our DNA. It's in our product lines, and it's in how we deliver to our customers. Our focus is to create an agile organization that outperforms the market. We do this by making HP an inclusive environment where diverse, bright talent comes, thrives, and continuously innovates. Our strategy encompasses all aspects of the employee experience. It is rooted in our culture, the HP Way, and grounded in our belief that diversity drives innovation and positive business outcomes.

Creating technology that advances Lives and Businesses

APJ is one of our key growth-drivers for HP. The region is growing quickly -and with profound impact. APJ is set to experience the: fastest growth in affluent households, the largest increase in young members of the workforce, and the highest outlook for GDP growth. The opportunities that we see are underpinned by several megatrends defining our future:

  • Rapid Urbanization: By 2040, there will be 50 megacities -many in South East Asia, China and India. With 1.1 billion people, SEA-K is home to the third largest global population. 70% of these people are under the age of 40.

  • Changing Demographics: We see a rise in silver spenders and in millennials, who currently make up 25% of our region's workforce.

  • Hyper-Globalization: APJ now plays a greater role in the global economy. This leads to opportunities (faster innovation) and risks (cyber-security).

  • Rapid Technological Developments: By 2050, nearly 5 billion people will access the internet -many through a mobile device.

For HP, this change equals opportunity. Each megatrend allows us to accelerate, innovate and go faster.

Reinventing our business in through our Core, Growth and Future strategy

In our Core, our lineup is stronger than ever. We remain committed to:

  • Evolving consumer printers like the HP Envy Photo Printer and the HP Tango for the home

  • Growing premium/commercial segments in PCs, notebooks, printers with innovation including the new HP Spectre PCs

  • Delivering the most secure print environment through our A3 innovation

In our Growth segment, we are taking a near-term(3-10years) strategy to:

  • Expand commercial mobility for an increasingly mobile workforce.

  • Aggressively attack the 55B dollar worldwide A3 market - nearly half of which resides in our region (41%).

  • Accelerate our Graphics Solutions Business.

For the Future, we are focused on creating new categories that meet the needs of our customers in areas including 3D printing and immersive virtual reality experiences.

Advancing Digital Transformation

  • Our landscape is changing faster than ever -and this is especially true in APJ.

  • We are committed to reinventing with new innovation and collaboration to ensure that we -alongside our customers and partners -are at the forefront of this digital transformation.

  • Our products and solutions are part of in-country initiatives including Singapore's Smart Nation, Japan's Vision 2020, China's One Belt, One Road, and India's Digital India.

  • Our personal computing devices and solutions reflect the blending of our physical and digital worlds -connecting our technologies and ensuring our computing is as ubiquitous as we are.

  • We are focused on creating new computing categories that meet the needs of our enterprise and SMB customers -including additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

Our People & Culture

When our people thrive, so does our business. Our people are at the heart of HP's growth and innovation. We do this through our Intentional People Strategy-our guiding vision, that

  • Allows everyone to learn, grow and perform while creating a company that leads.

  • Develops and nurtures employees, while giving them freedom to innovate.

  • Ties to our business strategy-allowing for measurement and ensuring our teams are prepared to deliver.

Brought to life across four priorities:

  • Cultivating a growth mindset

  • Advancing a strong sales culture

  • Managing and developing our talent

  • Embracing diversity and inclusion

Cultivating a growth mindset

  • We want to create technology for everyone, everywhere -and we need to do this in an environment of constant change.

  • This requires a culture of innovation in which pursuit of growth is habit.

  • We help our employees practice a growth mindset, because it drives continuous development and ensures we remain relevant.

Advancing through HP University

  • As we shift from physical products to services and experiences, we want to empower our teams with enhanced product knowledge, solution-selling and soft skills.

  • Through these new approaches, they can better influence and deliver value to our customers and partners.

Managing and developing our talent - We want people to join HP and then spend their careers growing and evolving with us. That means we must be intentional about the opportunities we create.

  • A career of opportunities:

    • We built career rotations into the talent management mix for all employees, from graduates up to executives.

    • We empower our employees to think strategically and creatively about how their own individual contributions fit within our larger organization and goals.

  • An agile organization that outperforms:

    • We developed a curriculum for managers to more effectively manage, including how to better interview and evaluate candidates.

    • We introduced a recent graduate engagement program, called HP STAR, that is built for -and managed by -recent graduates. It allows our teams to be actively involved in leading and nurturing the next generation coming into the workplace.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion - By Engaging everyone, everywhere!

  • We partner with the business to shape and maintain a forward-thinking and inclusive culture, in which we can all Imagine the Future and Make it Happen.

  • Our APJ HQ, Singapore brings together more than 3,000 innovators and problem solvers from over 35 nationalities in a single location for the first time, reflecting the diversity of the region.

  • D&I is the foundation of everything we do at HP. It drives new business, fuels innovation, and attracts and attains the best employees.

  • We build incredible and diverse teams through:

    • Rigorous succession planning and talent reviews

    • Business Impact Networks (BINs), multigenerational programs that provide insights to shift great ideas into actions.

    • HP is one of the top tech companies with women and underrepresented minorities in executive positions.

    • HP's executive leadership team is 21% underrepresented minorities, representing seven different countries -putting HP in a strong place to grow diversity in the company.

    • In many global functions including Legal, Finance, HR and Marketing, women represent over 50% of the employee base.


Sustainable Impact is at the heart of our reinvention journey-fueling our innovation, growth and strengthening our business for the long term. HP is committed to driving sustainable Impact across three pillars: Planet, People and Community.

  • People - In Singapore, HP has enabled learning through technology with its HP Make IT Green Campaign through print creativity and learning for 63,000 students from 24 schools. The participating students had to create a sketch of the Mech Robot, used to destroy the E-waste Monster, a mascot which represented the e-waste issue in Singapore. The winning sketches were then made into trophies and awarded to the winners. HP Singapore also supports the Micro:bit Innovation Explorer and Micro:bit Robotics STEM programmes in the local community.

  • Planet - We integrate sustainability into our business strategy and believe that environmental impact across our value chains is the first step towards taking meaningful action. Original HP supplies are designed with the environment in mind - from efficient design and packaging to the free HP Planet Partners programme that helps customers recycle Original HP cartridges. All HP ink and toner cartridges that you return to HP Planet Partners go through a multiphase, "closed loop" recycling process where materials are separated and refined for use as raw material in new Original HP Ink and toner cartridges and everyday products.

  • Community - At HP, our mission is to engineer experiences that amaze; our group has taken that philosophy and imbedded into it the very core of how we operate. Over the last twelve months, we have initiated programs and sourced company volunteers for over 35 different events. Some of our events include: Rise Against Hunger, 40 Days of Doing Good, Hour of Code, E-Payment Learning Journey for Seniors, Silver It Fest, among many others.

Our Accolades

  • 2018 SkillsFuture Employer Awards

  • 2018 HR Excellence Awards - Silver Award for Excellence in Innovative Use of HR Tech

  • 2018 Readers' Choice Top 50 Employer by Women Engineer Magazine

  • Top 100 "Best Places to Work in 2019" list by Glassdoor