Microsoft Operations
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About Microsoft Operations and Our Culture

Microsoft recognizes the unique value of the employee's diversity. Under the tagline - come as you are, do what you love, we embody and celebrate the diversity of thinking and experiences of our employees bring to the organization, and support them in career development, and reward them for great work. We accomplish this through our comprehensive policies, processes, and guidelines.

Employee engagement
Microsoft engages with our employees through a variety of channels such as company meetings, informal channels including recreation club, and formal & informal 1-to-1 meetings. We take employee feedback very seriously and systematically through our yearly engagement surveys. Management team is accountable for creating an environment where everyone can be at their best by acting on the actions put together jointly to improve our work environment.

Health & well-being
Microsoft provides comprehensive benefits program which is reviewed on a yearly basis and benchmarked against the local market. We ensure we go above and beyond local statutory requirements (e.g. tuition assistance program, employee assistance program) and extend benefits to all Microsoft Operations employees. We also recognize that everyone has different needs and is motivated by different things. Through the Perk Account, employees are able to customize the benefits they need, such as holidays, additional insurance, spectacles, etc. Our workplace embodies a new way of working by providing different working arrangements, such as flexible hours, and work from anywhere concept. With this environment, employees can choose to work anytime, anywhere according to the personal preference or circumstances.

Policies regarding performance, renumeration and benefits
Microsoft has moved away from the traditional performance management approach by removing the bell curve and performance ratings. Instead, we measure employees' performance and development through impact. We determine impact by: asking what they have accomplished individually, but also what they have contributed to others and how they have leveraged others' work and ideas to make improvement to their own work. Because we're a big company - it's been way too easy to recreate the wheel. And we find that you can move much faster and in a unified way when you don't always have to be a hero.

Recruitment and manpower planning capabilities
To make sure we attract and retain talent that can change the world, we have implemented strategic workforce planning process that enables us to pinpoint the capabilities required to succeed in the future and allows us to increase focus on hiring the right talent, at the right time, in the right places. We've centralized the Global Talent Acquisition organization to bring together Microsoft's talent acquisition needs worldwide so that we are able to better understand demand from a volume and skill set perspective, the resources required to fulfil those demands, along with a way to view and drive productivity across our organization. It's critical to understand total addressable market (the talent available around the world with a specific set of skills) that aligns with our strategic investments in things like AI and Cloud. We gain market insights and intelligence on our competition; this is a core capability to sourcing and recruiting - understanding market trends, insights, and supply and demand which informs planning and change of our recruiting strategy. These insights are turned into action; they're translated into recruiting plans.

Our Accolades

  • The Most Popular Graduate Employer in IT & Technology 2014 - 2018 - GTI

  • Singapore Best Employer 2014 - 2015 - Aon Hewitt Singapore

  • Top 10 Most Attractive Employer, IT Sector, 2016 - 2017 - UniversumBest

  • Best Tech Company to Work For Award 2015 - Singapore Computer Society