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About Rewardz and Our Culture

At Rewardz, we believe in creating change through positive reinforcement and gamification.

Enabling People & Corporations: We consider our role as that of an enabler, providing the tools to enable people and corporations to expand their contributions to society, both directly and indirectly. As such, our contributions vary by context ranging from improving corporate wellness, fostering a peer-to-peer appreciation culture, enhancing employee engagement and corporate efficiency, boosting sales, building customer loyalty, and even promotion of public interest by incentivizing safe driving!

Our team is driven by our core values:

  • Can Do: Accept new challenges. Move. Get things done. Always.

  • Collaborate: We become greater when we work together. We are all connected.

  • Innovate: We stay ahead of the game. Try new things. If we fail, we try again.

  • Go the Extra Mile (GEM): Strive to make our work better everyday. Small steps, big results.

  • Expertise: We excel at what we do. Continually learn and apply what we learn.

Honing Individual Capabilities: Our people are at the core of what we do and fundamental to our can do spirit, be it in our business, operations, or any facet of our customer engagement. Without them, we would not have reached the milestones that we have today. We identify and nurture the strengths of each person in our team and ease people into roles that they aspire to. Our founders remain approachable and always available to mentor the team to bring out their best.

Culture of Openness and Innovation: Being leaders in engagement, we recognize the need to create an environment that fosters a culture of openness and innovation.

Hence, we involve and communicate with our employees early on regarding future plans, strategies and challenges and involve them in ideation and development processes. Participation in decision-making and product creation enables them to better understand the products, innovate in their own areas, and make constructive (often creative!) suggestions across areas.

Innovations may be initiated by the team, who fearlessly approach founders with new ideas to improve current product offerings, services and processes. No suggestion is deemed inconsequential - we simply add a dose of creativity, tweak it, and have fun along the way.

We have also instituted a Fun Friday concept for our techies in India, where they select a relevant technology challenge as per their interest, and work on it in groups of 3 from an offsite, informal location. The idea is to take a break from routine work to learn new technologies, have fun, and uncover potential future products for the company.

Our folks are able to work from home or remotely with flexible working hours. We are connected through Zoom, Skype etc. and use Trello, a scrum tool, to plan, prioritize and allocate tasks. Agile development allows us to remain focussed on the task at hand, allowing us to design, develop, test, continuously improve and expand the use of new/improved features among existing and new clients.

Melting Pot at Work and Play: Our manpower planning considers our annual expected expansion and planned budget. We keep the team lean to avoid redundancies and welcome diversity as mixed experiences and ideas help contribute to the growth of the company. Our team includes Singaporeans, Malaysians, Indonesians, Chinese, Latvian, Indians and Japanese creating a melting pot of ideas and learning opportunities across all our 4 offices. We leverage technology in our daily operations to seamlessly work (and play) together, despite being in different geographies and time zones. Where needed, we hire freelancers/temps to help with increased workload when new clients come onboard such that permanent resources can focus fully on implementation.

What Our Associates Say

"I am actually quite touched and appreciate that Rewardz is willing to believe in me and start "investing" in me even before I prove myself. For instance, flying me to Singapore all the way from Malaysia in my 3rd week with Rewardz for training purposes; I returned a brand-new person!" - Rachel Tan, Business Development, Malaysia

"Rewardz is an extremely friendly, professional yet flexible and enthusiastic workplace. In the 2.5 years I've been with Rewardz, there hasn't been one day that I've felt stressed about work despite a major change in my job role. Happy workplaces have happy cliengs, and that is elemental to Rewardz's success." - Aparna, Account Manager, Singapore

"Rewardz makes me feel at home but at the same time, challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and grow both as a leader and as a person. There are also plenty of opportunities for me to lead new projects as we run on a non-hierarchical structure where everybody is a leader in the function they manage" - Eugene Lee, Head of Regional Partnerships and Ops

"As a millennial, apart from just salary, I'm thoroughly motivated by opportunities to learn, grow and be challenged. I have been with Rewardz for about 10 months and in such a short span of time I've been encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them. I've succeeded and I've failed, but my efforts have always been recognized and appreciated. Conducive work culture, infinite growth opportunities an passionate co-founders significantly sums up Rewardz." - Kajal Bhojwani, Engagement Specialist, UAE

"The belief and trust given as well as freedom to exercise your own decisions and be responsible for those decisions right from Day 1 helps everyone to grow. It is exciting to hear fresh ideas and see them being put into action immediately." - Bryan Ong, Client Success Director, Singapore

"The fact that innovation for Rewardz does not mean introducing new features to market, but also betting on new employee practices like allowing remote workers and flexible schedules has allowed an awesome international team to form, and that gives a company with lots of international clients a large advantage." - Mario Vellejo, Senior Backend Developer, Mexico

Our Accolades

While we have not previously nominated ourselves for awards on our progressive HR practices, we have won several awards over the years (excerpt listed below), which bear testimony to our role as enablers of corporate engagement. We have consistently engaged our own employees in the same way that we engage with our clients.

  1. HR Tech Provider of the Year 2018 - Future Workplace Awards 2018 - Winner, UAE

  2. Best Employee Engagement Solution Provider (Bronze) - HR Vendors of the Year 2017, Singapore

  3. Best Employee Engagement Consultant (Bronze) - HR Vendors of the Year 2017, Singapore

  4. Best Employee Engagement Solution Provider (Bronze) - HR Vendors of the Year 2017, Malaysia

  5. Best Corporate Wellness Provider (Silver) - HR Vendors of the Year 2017, Malaysia

  6. Best Corporate Wellness Provider - HRM Asia Readers Choice 2017, Singapore

  7. Best Corporate Employee Rewards - HRM Asia Readers Choice 2017, Singapore

  8. Exemplary HR & Management Consultancy Service Provider - Winner, SHRI Singapore HR Awards 2017, Singapore

  9. Daman Corporate Wellness Awards 2017 - Finalist Corporate Wellness Partner of the Year, UAE

  10. HR Excellence Awards 2017 - Finalist, Innovation in HR Tech, UAE