Web Imp
10 Best Tech Companies to Work For 2019
WINNER - Start-ups/ Small Organisations, 2019

About Web Imp

Web Imp has always believed in growth with the help of technology. After all, in the digital age, the sky's the limit. To us, there is nothing that can't be done or achieved if enabled by new-age solutions that are nothing short of game-changing. And day by day, we're enforcing this belief by arming businesses and companies with tech solutions on the web.

For years, our passion has carried us through projects of all shapes and sizes, and we've always seen the same results: great success and huge transformation. And the Web Imp team (filled with Singaporeans and our offshore teams in Indonesia) is always excited about bringing dreams and great ideas to life.

Ever forward for greater growth

Like a child, we're always curious and engaging with everything we can get our hands on: revolutionary technology, innovative thinking, and bold visions to change the world. Combine these three pillars and you get Web Imp, the embodiment of efficiency and boldness in an ever-changing tech landscape - and with a little bit of playfulness, too.

Our mission is simple: to be the catalyst for businesses to grow by being a steady, reliable tech pillar for clients to lean on.

We want to be known in Singapore for our prowess and passion in tech and engineering, and to be the one-stop solution for businesses everywhere. From e-commerce to web applications and development, Web Imp is equipped as a thriving technology hub that is always ready to contribute and support to the greater ecosystem of businesses in Singapore.

A holistic client approach, with a whole suite of solutions

Web Imp doesn't just equip its clients with the tools or websites - we strive to follow through and help clients understand how to maximise their potential with our cutting-edge solutions. If there's an area we can contribute further in to push our clients towards greater growth, we'll be there with reliable solutions strategists. To serve greater value, Web Imp is also proficient in digital marketing. Being holistic in what we can offer is certainly one of our greatest points of pride.

And we don't supply the same formula to every client, either. Our team is innovative and adaptive, and will fine-tune our approach to work and our solutions to suit client needs, no matter who we partner with.

This way, our clients can fall back on our support as a tireless tech department, and rest easy that their growth goals will be achieved (with work quality and ethics fully intact). Digital transformation, after all, is no simple feat - and Web Imp's presence is meant to facilitate this process as efficiently as possible.

Our People & Culture

We also pride ourselves on the heart of our work: the people. We're always looking for candidates who are passionate, outgoing, quirky, and most importantly, constantly ready to learn and collaborate. Other than encouraging diversity by hiring people from all backgrounds, gender, and walks of life, Web Imp strives to lift up its employees as much as it aims to empower clients - through a strong work culture.

With an open office culture, the people of Web Imp are encouraged to come as they are. Web Imp's founders actively engage with team members as well and make sure to always stay connected. Instead of separating teams and employees in cubicles, the open office environment invites and encourages people to reach out to one another - for anything at all.

Flexible working hours at the office also enable employees to be at their best, whether in terms of personal well-being or productivity. This work-life balance pushes and motivates our team, and keeps us laser-focused on work.

Collaboration and teamwork are huge pillars that keep the office standing, too. Our developers and designers are given a conducive, productive environment to work in - and we're always exchanging ideas with one another freely. There's nothing that can't be talked about at Web Imp, and we're always making sure to touch base with one another through the week. Whether it's about what went wrong on a certain week, or how existing tasks or projects can be improved upon, everyone's ready to come to work with their ideas - and to hear other ideas as well.

It goes without saying, then: everyone's learning something new every day. Employees can also count on being heard, no matter what their opinions are.

This is why Web Imp prides itself on being able to build up and maintain a nurturing, conducive, and liberating environment. It is this culture that propels our team forward to achieve greater heights every time, motivated to bring our best to work and for our clients.

With an energised work environment and a team unity that can't be replicated elsewhere, Web Imp is determined to become the #1 technology hub in Singapore that businesses everywhere can rely on. Our work is only just beginning, and we're looking forward to what the future holds for us - and for our clients.

Our Accolades

  • Singapore Outstanding Enterprise 2015

  • Luminary Singapore Enterprise Awards 2016