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Can non SCS members take part in this Certification Program?
Yes, all registrants in Singapore will be given free SCS membership for the 1st year of their enrolment. This means that all eligible applicants automatically become SCS members and enjoy an array of benefits offered by SCS ranging from professional development seminars to networking events.

About The Course and Examination

Do I have to take the examination to attain the CMSQ certification?
Yes, you have to take the exam.

What is the exam format?
There are two parts to the CMSQ Exam.

Part 1 - Constructed response / essay (6 questions each - subjective / 75 minute time limit).
Part 2 - Constructed response / essay (6 questions each - subjective / 75 minute time limit).

How do I study for the exam?
There is no specific outline of study curriculum established by Software Certifications. Candidates are responsible for their own study and preparation.

Professional certification is a significant undertaking and sufficient time and energy should be allocated by the candidate toward preparation. Most of the needed preparation involves reviewing and brushing up on the various skill categories in the certification's respective Software Quality Assurance Common Body of Knowledge. If candidates have extensive experience in the quality practice described in the skill categories of the Common Body of Knowledge, the examination should not be difficult. Candidates should avoid last minute cramming, as it is rarely beneficial in the long term.

How can I register for the exam?
You can register for CMSQ certification program HERE.   

When will my certification expire?
The tenure of the CMSQ certification is 3 years. CMSQ holders can apply for re-certification to maintain the professional title.

Registration and Contact

Who can I contact for more information on CMSQ certification?
Please contact the Quality Certification Secretariat at 62262567 Ext 15 or via email: sharon.koh@scs.org.sg