Certification in Outsourcing Management for IT

Frequently Asked Questions








What are the benefits of being certified as COMIT?
Being certified as a COMIT attests to having the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in outsourcing management. It also gives professional recognition to an individual in the marketplace.


Am I eligible?
The Certification is intended for:

  • Those who intended to make a career as IT project or outsourcing manager.
  • IT professionals and executives who are engaged in IT outsourcing as a service provider or in a client environment.
  • Experienced project or outsourcing manager who wants to attain recognised professional qualification.

Can non-members take part in this Certification Programme?
Yes, non-members can apply for certification and membership at the same time. All applicants and COMIT must be SCS members.

It is a mandatory requirement for certified professionals to keep SCS membership valid through the five years of certification tenure.

Can telco professionals take part in COMIT?
Yes, infocomm and telco professionals from the telco industry are welcomed to apply.


When is the certification enrolment?
Enrolment is in May and November.

Does COMIT certification cover network and infrastructure outsourcing projects?
Yes, networking and infrastructure outsourcing projects are covered under the COMIT cerification.

When will my certification expire?
The tenure of the COMIT cerification is 5 years. COMIT holders must make annual recertification instalment payment of $60 and keep SCS membership valid throughout the certification tenure. At the end of the fifth year, COMIT holders have to apply for re-certification to maintain the professional title.

What is the difference between CITPM and COMIT?
CITPM covers the essential PM skills require of any IT Project Manager while COMIT covers the skills required to initiate & manage IT outsourcing projects. Different skill sets are required for COMIT, e.g. The first seven skill sets laid down in this prospectus are specific to COMIT. COMIT emphasises on skills required to mange various phases of outsourcing from establishing an outsourcing strategy to contact termination and turnback.

Which are the universities that have accredited COMIT?
COMIT has attained accreditation with local universities to grant waiver of certain modules of their Masters programmes.
Details can be found at this link.


Do I have to take COMIT ( Associate) course and examination to attain certification?
Yes, if you have less than 3 years of experience in IT outsourcing management.

Who are the appointed course provider?

COMAT Training Services has been appointed by SCS to conduct the COMIT Associate Course. For more course, contact COMAT at 64364733.

Is it necessary to attend the COMIT Associate Course? 

Yes, COMIT course is compulsory for applicants with less than 3 years of IT outsourcing management experience and are applying for COMIT (Associate) via the certification assessment format.


How can I go about applying for this certification?
Application can be made by the submission of the following documents:

  • Application Form (Form OM1)
  • Self-Assessment Report (OM2)
  • Letter of Recommendation from Employer
  • Recent Resume
  • Highest Educational Certificate
  • Service Competency Report
    (Not required for COMIT (Associate) who have passed the ISS COMIT Exam)
  • SCS Application Form (For non-member)
  • Certification Free and Membership Fee

Who can I contact for more information about COMIT certification?
Please contact SCS certification secretariat at 6226 2567 extension to 14 or 17.