Level Up Your IT Outsourcing Competencies with COMIT

Certification in Outsourcing Management for IT (COMIT)

Outsourcing is strategically important in driving economic value up in today's businesses and enterprises. COMIT is set to be the widely recognised standard for IT Outsourcing competence and professionalism. It brings out the leadership quality in you, demonstrating the experience and knowledge you possess in designing, implementing and managing outsourcing initiatives.

For service providers and advisors, COMIT re-affirms your qualifications, competency and skill sets to provide top-notch outsourcing management for your customers. For end users, it keeps you updated with the outsourcing trend and well-equipped to work with your partners.

COMIT at a glance
  • The world's first IT outsourcing certification
  • The preferred criterion for evaluation of government IT projects
  • Accredited by NUS, NTU and ISS

"Outsourcing is a trend which never dies. As companies seek to focus on their core businesses, the direction to outsourcing of IT management will be an ever-green path. SCS brings a greater good to the info-communications industry by championing this initiative through the certification process."

Chin Keng Cheong, COMIT (Senior)
Applications Program Director - SEA
HP Enterprise Enterprise


You deserve the recognition if you:
  • intend to make a career as IT Project Manager/Outsourcing Manager
  • are engaged in IT outsourcing as a service provider or in a client environment
  • are an experienced IT Project/Outsourcing Managers who want to attain recognised professional qualification
You can get certified!

The certification examines the candidate's competence in 12 areas of IT outsourcing management.

  1. Outsourcing Planning and Preparation of RFP
  2. Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  3. Contract Formulation and Negotiation
  4. Contract Initiation, Transition and Transformation Management
  5. Relationship Management and Dispute Resolution
  6. Service Quality Management and Performance Monitoring
  7. Contract Migration and Handover Management
  8. Cost Management
  9. Risk Management
  10. Human Resource Management
  11. Communications Management
  12. Interpersonal

Candidates will be certified via the Submission of a dossier for the purpose of demonstrating the professional's competency and experience in handling outsourced IT projects.

Click here for eligibility criteria.

You can be certified in COMIT in one of the following levels:

  • COMIT (Senior)
  • COMIT (Associate)
  • COMIT (Affiliate)

As outsourcing managers have a professional obligation to themselves, to their employers and to the profession to sustain their skills and knowledge through on-going professional development, it is required that the certified IT outsourcing managers be re-certified every five years.