Certification in Outsourcing Management for IT

Certification Criteria

COMIT Associate Course and Examination (for applicants of COMIT Associate via exam route)

Applicants will need to arrange their own study at the SCS authorised training providers if they choose to apply for certification via exams.

Approved Training Providers

COMIT Exam (for applicants of COMIT Associate)

The COMIT Associate Exam is now available in MCQ format.

The Institute of Systems Science (ISS) is the appointed Examination Agent for COMIT Associate Examination. The Examination takes place every quarter in May and November.

For more details and registration on the COMIT (Associate) examination, please visit the ISS website at www.iss.nus.edu.sg or contact ISS at tel: 6516 2020.

COMIT Preview Session

SCS organises COMIT Preview Sessions twice a year to help candidates prepare the Service Competency Report. This FREE seminar aims to help candidates get the basics right and give them the opportunity to discuss how they should approach their Service Competency Report and to get feedback from the speaker.

The Service Competency Report is part of the requirement of the COMIT qualification and is submitted by the candidate to the Certification Board of Assessors. The key to getting certified is in writing a proper Service Competency Report that clearly describes how you used IT outsourcing management skills to manage outsourced IT projects. Candidates need to express their experiences and learning experiences appropriately in order for the Board of Assessors to recognise their abilities.

The Preview Sessions will be held every March and August every year. Details on the schedules can be found at Events Highlights of the SCS website.