Certification in Outsourcing Management for IT

Recertification - Maintaining Your Edge

Certified professionals are required to be re-certified every five years and keep their SCS membership current in order to maintain their status.

Re-certification application coincides with the certification enrolment in May and November. Those who do not apply for recertification will lose their status as a certified professional upon expiry of certificate.

Recertification Requirements

A COMIT needs to accumulate at least 100 CPC credits every 5 years and ensure that his/her SCS membership remains current.

CPC Activity
CPC Requirements
1 IT Outsourcing Mangement Experience;
At least 50 CPC
2 Formal Education and Training Activities;
Credit Accumulation based on CPC Activity Criteria
3 Professional Participation Activities;
4 Publications, Presentations & Awards Achievement
Total Continuing Professional Certification (CPC) credits every 5 years Minimum 100 CPC

Click here for a copy of detailed guidelines for Recertification.

For more information on the CPC Activities for Certified IT Project Managers, please see Appendix CPC.

To read more on FAQs on recertification, click here.

Upgrade to the Next Level

If you have been certified for more than two years, you are welcome to submit an upgrade application. Find out if you have met the pre-requisites of the next level and submit your upgrade application with appropriate fees.

For a copy of the upgrade forms and guidelines, contact the Certification Secretariat at scs.secretariat@scs.org.sg