The Reality of Artificial Intelligence: Expectations Meet Possibilities

The topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) almost always comes up when we talk about the future of technology. And the common thread is that AI will change the way we work, live and play.

How to Manage a Great Human-Machine Partnership?

Over the last two years, much has been said about the new industrial revolution that is ongoing. While most can agree that the rate of digital transformation is incredible, we see very divided sentiments about the changes artificial intelligence (AI) bring to modern businesses.

3D Printing: Hype or World- transforming Technology?

Although the technology of 3D printing has been around for over 30 years, its development in recent years has drawn much attention from both manufacturers and consumers.

Democratising Tech: Why is it an Aspiring Entrepreneur's Dream Come True?

These days, the annual release of increasingly powerful computer upgrades hardly surprises us anymore. The recent wave of technological disruptions however is more than just a bump up in specifications.

Ethics and AI: Teaching Our Machines to Tell Right from Wrong

From recommending products on to assessing an individual's credit worthiness based on their behaviour on social media app WeChat, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of daily lives for millions of people.

Enterprise Singapore: Upsizing Singapore's Potential

Singapore's reputation as an innovation hub is recognised globally. Not only are we ranked 5th in the 2018 Global Innovation Index, we also topped the list for Asia.

Who Wants to be a Global Talent?

In the tech space where everything exists as bits and machines seem to exert dominance over humans, it may come as a surprising fact that tech talents are in great demand.

How Data Analytics can Empower Organisations of the Future

Technology has brought waves of change to our working practices since the industrial revolution days. First, personal computers, then broadband internet, and most recently, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Innovation: How can You make it Happen

A recent innovation survey from cloud company Oracle shows that less than 20 percent of innovation-focused projects in Asia are coming to life. This is despite the fact that respondents recognise a clear link between growth and innovation.

Decentralised Ledgers: Transforming the World of Digital Transactions

More than an alternative to classic ownership ledgers using double-entry bookkeeping, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is known for its propensity to reduce cost, increase business speed, enforce data integrity and enable direct peer-to-peer transactions in a trusted environment. But how did DLT come to be as highly valued, if not more, than the doubleentry bookkeeping system that has been in use for over 500 years?

From Compliance to Accountability: Leveraging Data Protection for Innovation

Recent high-profile data breaches have alerted many of us to the importance of securing our personal data. Yet, as we look to organisations and regulators to manage our data responsibly, questions arise: would stricter laws stifle innovation, and should businesses do just enough to comply?

Secret to a Successful Tech Career: Growing Never Gets Old

In today's fast-moving world, change is the only constant - and we all know that to keep up, learning and upskilling are vital. But is self-development limited to individual growth, or can it also positively impact the community and industry at large?

DevSecOps Servant at SCS - Cybersecurity Career Mentorship Programme

This blog can further supplement the explanation and/or clarify what it means to be a DevSecOps Engineer - a post I wrote a while ago. There has been recent enlightenment.

WiDS Conference - Reflection

WiT@SG together with SAP, SUTD and SCS ran the first WiDS (Women in Data Science) conference in Singapore, a series of conferences which is run in 150 locations around the world. We were proud to feature an all female speakers conference, aimed at inspiring entries to Data Science worldwide, regardless of gender.

Protecting the digital rights of the young in Internet-saturated Singapore

Last week, Parliament passed a Bill to make critical amendments to the Children and Young Persons Act including, among others, greater protection for abused and neglected children, and more support for families experiencing parent-child conflict. Notably too, the Act has been amended to extend identity protection of youth offenders aged from 16 to 18. Such protection restricts the publication and broadcast of any information relating to court proceedings that reveals their names, images, addresses, schools or other particulars.

Perception vs. Reality: What's it Really Like Working in Tech?

Are tech careers as exciting, inspiring and fulfilling as projected in the media? Or boring, stressful - soul-destroying - as anonymous keyboard warriors in online forums vent? Such conflicting messages are confusing. So for the aspiring tech professionals who are wondering what it's really like to work in tech, this article is dedicated to you!

Secret to a Successful Tech Career: Growing Never Gets Old

In today's fast-moving world, change is the only constant - and we all know that to keep up, learning and upskilling are vital. But is self-development limited to individual growth, or can it also positively impact the community and industry at large?

The Expert Opinion - Technological pace cannot be stopped that easily by Prof Subra Suresh

On this episode of 'The Expert Opinion', Professor Subra Suresh, President of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) explains the concept of advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence and shares valuable insights on how technological pace cannot be stopped easily.

The Expert Opinion - Find a problem and solve it - Samuel Tan

In this video, Mr Samuel Tan, CEO and Co-Founder of Auk talks about how many top managements understand the importance of growing digitally but not many are taking the real actions needed to improve.

The Expert Opinion - The new disrupted professional: the checklist - Alphonsus Pang

Watch the Honorary Fellow of Singapore Computer Society, Mr Alphonsus Pang as he speaks volumes about the importance of having connections in a working environment.

Be Hireable - 3 wise women - It's all about how you market yourself

The question is: How can we better market ourselves? Here are 3 practical tips from 3 wise women on how to put yourself out there in the best way.

Be Hireable - Be Honest - Wilson Tan

A technopreneur, Mr Wilson Tan's advice to all interviewees - Honesty is the best policy!

Be Hireable - How to get noticed by recruiters - YC Lau

Do you know the two types of recruiters? In this video, the chairman of the Career Compass Committee SCS gives personal advice on how to get noticed by human beings as well as machine recruiters!

Be Hireable - Hard truths to beat the mid-career crisis - Harish Pillay

Harish Pillay is not only the Global Head of Community Architecture and Leadership of Red Hat Inc, he also volunteers as a career mentor at Singapore Computer Society. Watch as he expresses the hard truths to beat mid-career crisis.

Be Hireable - Most important career tips for school-leavers - Harish Pillay

"The onus is on you to learn new things." - Career tips for school-leavers from Mr Harish Pillay.

Tech Expresso - John Cheng - It's people who make the business

Mr John Cheng shares how his business idea came up and explains how the people really played a relevant part in driving the business in a whole.

Tech Expresso - Meet White Hat Fabian Lim

Meet White Hat: Fabian Lim as he claims to be the "brakes" of Cyber Attacks.

The Expert Opinion - Will Technology take over your jobs one day

What exactly are the pros and cons of technology in this modern day? Are there more benefits to technology? Or will it eventually take over professions relating to Accountancy? Watch as a number of people discusses this issue.

Be Hireable - If you want to work in Cybersecurity

President of SCS Infocomm Security Chapter, Huang Shao Fei provided the questions to ask oneself, for those who are thinking of joining the Cybersecurity sector.

Tech Expresso - We had to change the culture in order to be relevant

Watch as the former Human Resources Lead from Microsoft, Ms Hye Jin Kwon explains why she thinks the culture had to be changed in order to be relevant.

Career Mentoring session on 13 July 2019

Listen to participants who attended the session.

Cybersecurity mentoring session on Diary of a DevSecOps Kid on 31 Jul 2019

Listen to participants who attended the session.

Tech Across Sectors

A cross-sector networking event where leaders from infocomm, legal & accounting communities unite!

Cybersecurity - Making a career of IT

An increased demand for cybersecurity services around the world means that there is never been a better time to pursue a career in this dynamic field.

Superhero of the Digital Age

For years, millions of people immersed themselves in stories about special agents, and are mesmerised by characters such as James Bond, Beatrix Kiddo and Jason Bourne. Today, Agent 007 has become the archetype for someone who fights powerful and cunning villains, often facing great odds, but ultimately prevails thanks to exceptional wits, resourcefulness and, of course, advanced tech. Unsurprisingly, the charming appeal of the figure is driving many to secretly wonder what it would be like to have a similarly exciting and thrilling job.

The Foundation of a Secure Cyberspace

Just as the stability of any infrastructure lies with its foundation, Singapores ambition of a Smart Nation depends on a robust cybersecurity ecosystem, to ensure the reliability and security of our digital infrastructure. Overseeing key development areas in Singapores cybersecurity, Teo Chin Hock, Deputy Chief Executive (Development) of Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), explains to The IT Society what it takes to build a thriving ecosystem and CSAs role in advancing Singapores Smart Nation vision.

How Can We Satisfy the Hunger for Talent

According to the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), Singapore is set to face a potential talent shortage of 3,400 cybersecurity professionals by 2020. The IT Society finds out how we can tackle the issue and introduce more diversity into the industry from Tay Bee Kheng, Managing Director of Customer Experience Renewals for Asia-Pacific, Japan and China at Cisco. Prior to taking on this role in August, Bee Kheng was the Managing Director for Cisco Singapore and Brunei for three years.

The Weakest Link in Cybersecurity: Our Greed and Fear

It is not an understatement to say that we live on the Internet these days. First thing in the morning, we turn on our phone; last thing before we go to sleep; after saying Good Night to family members, we check our phone. This is how connected (addicted?) we are to the Internet. But we forget that for all these to work, data (and instructions) is constantly flowing between our device and many unknown ones out there.

Great Times on the Greens!

On 23 August, more than 180 avid golfers: beginners and enthusiasts alike; swapped out their office wear for specially designed SCS golf polo shirts and caps for SCS Golf Day 2019.

Tech3 Forum Takes Stock of Journey Towards Digital Economy

Digital transformation is a familiar topic among professionals in Singapore. After all, it comes up frequently in the news and is also widely discussed by the leaders of our nation. The topic came up again at the latest Tech3 Forum attended by close to 500 tech and non-tech professionals, including members from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Singapore, Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) and Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF).

Be Hireable - Discover and know yourself

Mr Alex Teo, HR & People Ops Lead, ShopBack, shared the importance to find a company whose culture fits one’s personal traits.

Just take the plunge - you will know how to swim

Mr Sudhanshu Tewari, CEO and Co-Founder of Rewardz explains how building a culture of appreciation is important for the success of an organisation.

I do not want to be irrelevant when I am 60 or 70 - Alex Teo

Mr Alex Teo speaks about how he came to a point in his career where he thinks he needed a change.

There are no individual heros

We are the most effective when we are working as teams - do you agree?

Conversation with SCS Business Analytics Chapter President

Find out more about SCS Business Analytics Chapter and why you should attend one of the events!

Do not let social conventions put you in a box

Ms Amy Chong gives her tips on life and success.

Why you should attend QA for SCRUM workshop!

Are you a user of Agile for your software development? Do you know that good quality assurance practices can be infused in Agile (specifically, SCRUM)?

YES on Life in a Hypergrowth Startup on 25 July 2019

Listen to participants who attended the session.

IDEAS on AI and Augmented Reality in Financial Analytics on 23 July 2019

Listen to participants who attended the session.

A Word of Encouragement

Don't have any training or degree in technology? It's okay! You can still work in an AI organisation.

We make machines read pixels

"We see a world of commerce simplified by artificial intelligence." -Mr Oliver Tan, CEO and Co-Founder ViSENZE

The New Age Accountant

Mr Bala Iyer, Chief Product Officer of Almug Technologies expresses his thought on the new age accountant - that there has never been a better time to be an accountant!

YES session on Life in a Hypergrowth Startup on 25 July 2019

Listen to participants who attended the session.

Not the type who wants a Lamborghini

Mr Wilson Tan shares his story of how he is not one to want a Lamborghini - he worked his way from a property agent to winning an award for the "Best Tech Company to Work For"!

Cloud Computing - Dr Anton

In this video, Dr Anton explains how Cloud Computing is so much more than what one thinks.

Getting into cloud could be the missing piece in your business strategy - Prof Venky

Could cloud be the missing piece in your business strategy? Using cloud systems might be easier for your organisation. Watch this video to know why!

David Chua - the first time someone left my team, I was heartbroken

David Chua, an Engineering Manager of Shopback shares his experiences at work.

Huang Shao Fei - If you want to work in cybersecurity

If you want to work in Cybersecurity... Here are 3 head start tips to take note of!

Are you guilty of doxing without knowing it? - Dr Toh See Kiat

Watch as Dr Toh See Kiat explains what it means to dox unknowingly.