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Launch of SCS Data Centre SIG

Data Centre is no longer a support function, but a key enabler for business technologies and strategies to meet the fast changing trends, landscape, and meeting customer needs.

Join us for the launch of the new Data Centre (DC) Special Interest Group on 28 February and meet the community of DC professionals from different industries!

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Enterprise Architecture SIG elevates to a Chapter

Enterprise Architecture (EA) SIG will be elevated to a Chapter at the upcoming EA Chapter AGM on 11 March which also incorporates a workshop on Digital Enterprise Agility.

Join us for this workshop as we explore factors for success surrounding EA and the strategies for a lean and agile approach.

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Digital competencies upgrading is the only way to keep all non-ICT PMETs relevant for the future workplace. Sign up for DigiPro courses, focusing on essential digital competencies necessary for workers to increase their work efficiency and meet the demands of today's workplace.

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Steer your Career in the right direction with SCS Career Compass!

If you feel it's time to acquire new skills or knowledge, or you're unsure of which career path to take, or simply want to explore your career options, SCS Career Compass is here to help you discover and maximise your potential

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