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About ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems)

ST Electronics is a leading info-communication technology solutions provider in Asia with more than 40 years of experience in Intelligent Transportation, Satellite Communications, and Information Communications Technologies (ICT). Through ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems), we deliver leading solutions in intelligent transportation, public safety and security, smart Info-Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, cyber security and defence.

As a company, we recognise the importance of continuous innovation to stay ahead of market changes, supported by our culture and people who are our biggest assets as well as the collective knowledge and know-how which contributes as a priceless intellectual property to the company. Whilst we remain proud of our history in pioneering homegrown innovations that had improved the lives of Singaporeans, we continue to engender our "People Inspiring" culture by creating appropriate structures that encourage creativity and innovation, taking deliberate introduction and intervention of processes to value our employees, first as an individual, and second as a staff to the company. Our strength lies in our ability to keep abreast and stay ahead of advancements in the latest technology where we collectively acknowledge and constantly encourage and motivate our staff to be personally and professionally fulfilled every time he/she takes on and completes a task.

We have well-structured HR programmes and initiatives that attract, retain and nurture both young and matured working professionals. In addition, our strong family-friendly culture coupled with an environment that constantly encourages creative ideas and budding talents are the key factors that contribute to the winning of this prestigious award.

Our Working Culture

We offer the following unique value propositions to our employees:

  • As a company of ST Engineering - one of Asia's largest defence and engineering company with a global workforce of more than 22,000 employees, employees of ST Electronics benefit from the comprehensive and robust policies and processes that are in-place to ensure employees are constantly encouraged and motivated to be personally and professionally fulfilled every time he/she takes on and completes a task.

  • Our staff enjoys the deliberate and bespoke interventions by ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) that give a more personal touch to the development and growth of each staff. Not only do we believe in re-training our staff with the appropriate technical skills as technology advances, we also recognise the significance of inculcating soft skills in our staff who interact and work with people on a daily basis. The Company has put in place numerous platforms to support technical creativity and innovation. Some examples of such platforms include Ideas register, Exploratory Incubation Funding, Community of Practices, Technology Open House and "Thought Leadership" sessions. We are also grateful for the passion and commitment instilled in the in-house designed "Awareness and Soft Skills for Effective Team (ASSET) Management" series of workshops that are conducted by our management leadership to provide a continual platform for staff to share and learn "use-case" soft skills for more effective team dynamics.

  • As a leading ICT technology solutions provider with a vision "To be a Global World-Class Infocomm Solutions House in Intelligent Transportation, Defence and Security Systems", our staff is constantly creating and developing new and innovative solutions that make significant differences to people's lives by providing seamless mobility for better travelling experiences, enhanced safety and security to ensure peace of mind and smart connectivity that fosters deeper sense of community engagement and empowerment. Each staff has similar opportunities like our predecessors, perhaps even better equipped, to continue to become the proud pillars of our future generation. Some of the key iconic solutions developed by our team include: 

    • cetrac Intelligent Traffic and Fleet Management Systems
    • Advanced Combat Man System
    • SuperneT Integrated Communications Systems

What our Associates Say

ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) conducts its Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) regularly, once every 2 years. The results from the latest EOS conducted in 2015 had a very high participation rate 89.8% (804 respondents from total staff of 895). Of the 804 respondents, 95% responded to indicate a high level of employee engagement in the company.

Our Accolades

Key significant recognitions and awards since 2010:

  • Community Chest - 2016 SHARE Gold Award

  • Total Defence Award 2016 - NS Advocate Award for Large Companies

  • Defence Technology Prize Team (Engineering) Award 2014

  • Land Transport Excellence Awards 2014 - Best ICT Solution Delivery Partner (Merit)

  • Total Defence Awards 2013 - Distinguished Defence Partner Award (DDPA)

  • Total Defence Awards 2013 - Minister for Defence Award (MDA)

  • Home Team National Service Awards 2011 - Minister for Home Affairs Award and the Minister's Honours Roll

  • Distinguished Defence Partner Award 2010

Contributions to ICT Industry and Talent Growth

  • TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) - Senior Management is represented in ICT sector committee.

  • Support IMDA and SkillsFuture Singapore in developing the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) Skills overview and job architecture; interviewed by Mercer to share insights on technological trends and to co-create the framework.

  • Actively participate in SkillsFuture Singapore programmes by adopting WSG/e2i's "Adapt and Grow" initiatives such as Place and Train, Earn and Learn and Career Support Programme.

  • Senior executives have volunteered as mentors for the ICT industry, appointed by the Singapore Computer Society.

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