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About Titansoft

Titansoft Pte Ltd is a software development company dedicated to the development and maintenance of online software platforms through Agile Software Development. We take pride in building and maintaining quality products for our clients to stay ahead of the competition, and are best known for our Project Management Systems, System Performance Monitoring Centres, Subscriber Accounting Systems, and Business Intelligence Management Systems. As strong believers of adaptive planning and Agile development, we aim for rapid, flexible responses to changes in users' needs and market demands. Our flat organisation values transparency and openness, empowering our teams to continuously improve and deliver business value through IT. Titansoft's products reach users from over 150 countries with more than 100 live projects in operation today.

Titansoft's vision is to be producers of fun through providing the most enjoyable software product to become a globally recognised software brand. 

Our mission is to deliver fun to humankind by challenging the conventional. We commit to our responsibility towards the society and our stakeholders. 

Our Working Culture


Never Stop Improving: What has fueled Titansoft in its growth is its strong belief in 'Never Stop Improving'. Embodying our motto as an organisation mindset and also in our products, we started adapting Agile practices to respond to rapid changes in the market. Operating in a dynamic and creative environment where user preferences and requirements have swift changes, our Agile and Scrum practices allow us to quickly gather users' feedback and deliver products and services in a timely manner with shorter planning and implementation cycles.

Open Communication: An open and transparent work environment is important for healthy teams and innovative work to happen. Within the organisation, many of our company and product directions are driven by decisions made by our people at internal Open Space sessions and Hackathons. We value bottom-up initiatives and promote it through maintaining an environment where ideas can be openly discussed and supported. This would not have been achievable without our flat organisation structure, one that eliminates politics, minimises communication gaps and removes unnecessary hierarchy within the organisation.


Agile & Technical Practices: Moving to Agile has encouraged sustainable development and flexible delivery of quality products for our customers. Beyond Agile, we adopted technical practices such as pair programming, Test-driven Development, Scrum, Continuous Delivery and Kanban to improve our development strength and speed. Code craftsmanship and product ownership stand at the core of our product development cycle. Unnecessary overheads are avoided by automating the process of code testing, release and deployment.

Sharing in Communities: The Titansoft journey is enriched by tremendous support from our Agile coaches and UX consultants. Working closely with teams, they bring with them innovative industry practices and ways for us to keep improving. Team sharings and networking does not just happen at work, but also through active participation in local communities and meet-ups like Agile Conference, UXSG Conference and Data Science Conferences where Titansoft has been regularly supporting through sponsorships.

Creative Spaces: An environment where creativity is best nourished are built around cross-functional teams formed on the values of autonomy and openness. Like our people, our office facilities form part of our culture where we encourage creativity and innovation. Step in, and you may already find the answer as you walk in to Titansoft's office. Open, collaborative work spaces, writable walls and common spaces with couches and beer-the place where cross-functional teams at Titansoft work.

Human Resource Management & Development

Flexible Working Hours: Our employees have the option of working when and where they find themselves most productive with our flexible working hours scheme. We don't measure employees by the hours they clock, rather, we focus on the great results they deliver.

Self-organising Teams: Our development teams are known as "self-organising teams". This means they are structured and empowered to organise and manage their own work. Regular retrospective meetings within teams happen regularly, and members are involved in the decision making of team working model including bonus distribution within the team. This advocates transparency within teams and serves as an opportunity for teams to grow in maturity while developing understanding and respect for each other as professionals.

Self-promotion: Career progression of our software developers rests in their own hands with self-promotion guidelines in place. With this procedure, our software developers understand the direction to work towards to, and at the same time, are able to safely explore new grounds before initiating for promotions. In addition, personal coaching services are made available to our staff to expand their thinking as well as to provide an external perspective to problems they may face. This helps eliminate blind-spots and galvanise our staff in their development.

Training Programs: We support our "Never Stop Improving" culture with numerous learning and development opportunities under our T.Talent program. It is a holistic and structured talent development program for Titaners at different phases of career life. We have in-house trainings for technical as well as soft skills conducted by our senior staff, as well as external training and conference sponsorships. To further grow and encourage staff, we also fund Community of Practice program, whereby staff with similar interests can form an internal learning group, enabling staff to gain knowledge, challenge ideas and innovations and promote collective process learning and cohesion.

What Our Associates Say

"I value the open and flat organisational culture that we have. Staff are free to express their opinions on any matter regardless of the 'hierarchy' we work in. It helps me because I am empowered to shape the environment to be what I want to work in." - Maryanto, Product Owner

"Titansoft's self-organising work environment enables me to take charge of and be responsible for my own career and personal growth." - Poo Siang, Product Developer

"Every day here is different. And every day we learn something new. What's keeping this innovation alive is what keeps me going to do amazing things together." - Lorraine Lai, Content Management Team Lead

"Titansoft is a place where you can uncover your potential. With a "Never Stop Improving" spirit, it helps us to acquire essential knowledge to contribute valuable work on projects we never thought we could do." - Rhenzon, Customer Analyst

Our Accolades

  • Singapore Quality Class (SQC) Certification awarded by SPRING Singapore in 2016

  • People Developer (PD) Certification awarded by SPRING Singapore in 2016

  • HRM Awards 2017 Finalist for Best Work-Life Balance, Best Health & Wellbeing and Best Workplace Culture & Engagement categories

  • Gold HEALTH Award presented by the Health Promotion Board at Singapore HEALTH Award 2014

  • Silver HEALTH Award presented by the Health Promotion Board at Singapore HEALTH Awards 2012

  • Bronze HEALTH Award presented by the Health Promotion Board at Singapore HEALTH Awards 2010

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