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Certification in IT Business Continuity Management

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What are the benefits of being certified as CITBCM?
To enable IT professionals have the required domain knowledge, such as Data Centre, IT Disaster Recovery Planning (ITDR) and Business Continuity Management (BCM) to carry out more holistic resiliency planning for its organization.

To attest to have proper skill sets and domain knowledge in maintain resilience of the IT systems, and ensuring the operational efficiency of the Data Centre.

To achieve professional recognition to an individual in the IT business resilience area, which include Data Centre and BCM.

To obtain sound knowledge using proper data centre management, IT disaster recovery planning and business continuity management towards a business perspective.


Am I eligible?
The Certification is intended for:

  • Those who intended to make a career as IT manager trained with ITDR, BCM and Data Centre.
  • IT professionals who are involved in management of data centre and business continuity.
  • Experienced IT managers who want to attain recognized professional qualification.

If I do not have knowledge and skills in BCM, can I apply to be CITBCM?
Yes, as long as you have at least 1 year experience in one of the domains - ITDR, Data Centre or BCM and attend the ORM preparatory course and submit a certification assessment, you will be eligible for the CITBCM (Associate).

If you have 2 or more years of experience in one of the domains and at least 1 year experience in the other two domains, and submit the competency experience report, which will be assessed by the Board of Assessors, you will be eligible for the CITBCM.

Can non-members apply to be CITBCM?
All applicants must be SCS members.
If you not a member of SCS, you can apply for certification and membership at the same time.


When is the certification enrolment?
Enrolment will start in May and November of each year.

Does CITBCM certification cover IT infrastructure and data centre?
Yes, the certification will equip you with the skills and competencies not just in IT or BCM, but a combination of 3 domain knowledge in IT System Recovery, Data Centre and Business Continuity Management. This will help you in ensuring holistic resiliency of the critical IT systems and business functions with strong foundation & management on the infrastructure of the Data Centre.
Yes, the certification will provide you with sound knowledge using proper IT disaster recovery planning, data centre management and business continuity planning towards a business perspective.

When will my certification expire?
The tenure of the CITBCM certification is 5 years. CITBCM holders must make annual recertification instalment payment of $60 and keep SCS membership valid throughout the certification tenure. At the end of the fifth year, CITBCM holders have to apply for re-certification to maintain the professional title.

What is the difference between CITBCM and other BCM certifications e.g. DRII, BCI, etc?
Practitioners for each of three domains - ITDR, DC and BCM often operate independently and do not fully understand and appreciate the concerns of the other. CITBCM is developed to encompass all three domain areas.
The CITBCM shall comprise 7 key competency areas, which will inter-relate the 3 domains:

  • 1. Program Management
  • 2. Risk Management
  • 3. Business & Technology Impact Analysis
  • 4. Resiliency Strategy
  • 5. Planning and Testing
  • 6. Crisis Communications Management
  • 7. Audit, Review and Maintenance


Do I have to take CITBCM course to attain certification?
Yes, course is compulsory if you have less than 4 years* of experience in all three domain areas, ITDR, DC and BCM.
* Years of experience can be concurrent.

Who is the current appointed course provider?
Organisational Resilience Management is the appointed course provider for CITBCM preparatory course. For further details, please contact Ms Janet Yeo at

Is the course funded under CITREP?

Yes, the 4-day course and examination will be funded by CITREP. For more details CITREP, please visit

For CITBCM applicants:

Applicants have an option of submitting a competency experience report of minimum 2,000 words which will be assessed by the Board of Assessor or pass the ITBCM exams.

When are the exam held?
Exams are held twice a year in May and November.


Who can I contact for more information on course?
Contact Ms Janet Yeo of ORM Pte Ltd at for details on CITBCM (Associate) course.

How can I go about applying for this certification?

The application process will require 3 copies of each of the following documents:

  • Application Form (Form BCM1)
  • Self-Assessment Report (Form BCM2)
  • Competency Experience report (For CITBCM via report submission only)
  • Educational Certificates
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • SCS Membership Application (For non-member)
  • Certification and membership fee

Who can I contact for more information about CITBCM certification?
Please contact SCS certification secretariat (CITBCM) at 6226 2567 extension to 14 or 17.

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