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Certification in IT Project Management

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The Certified IT Project Manager (CITPM) is a certification jointly developed by the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). It is an essential qualification for a career in IT project management. CITPM aims to raise the level of professionalism in the management of IT projects, and provides a valuable means for IT project managers to attain professional recognition. Hence I strongly encourage Infocomm professionals to strive to attain this certification, and benefit from its regional and international recognition

Khoong Hock Yun
Assistant Chief Executive (Industry)
Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore

The CITPM is a hallmark of a distinguished IT Project Manager. The stringent certification process ensures that managers demonstrate high levels of competencies and professionalism in the delivery of excellent IT projects.

Mr Leong Chin Yew, CITPM (Senior) 
Director, Information Services Department
Housing Development Board

The implications of being a CITPM certainly extend beyond the fact that it is a recognition of professional achievements. It creates an opportunity for IT project managers to gather, share, network and learn from each other's experiences. After all, despite its cut-and-dried image, IT project management is an interesting balance between intellect and heartfelt passion!

Mr. Ong Hian Leong, CITPM (Senior)
Director, Technology Department 
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd

IT Project Management is critical to the success of any IT implementation. Going through the CITPM certification process allows me to accredit the IT Project Management skills I have learnt from my organization. I strongly believe that going through the accreditation process and obtaining the certification is beneficial to all IT Project Managers.

Our IT Management Team also recognizes the value and benefits of the CITPM program and have always been advocating the importance and benefits of being CITPM certified.

Lim Boon Kiat 
Head, Customer Services Systems Unit 
Housing Development Board

With a rapidly changing technology landscape, certification provides powerful evidence which proves that practicing ICT project management professionals possess up-to-date knowledge and expertise to perform at a certain competency level. Besides the regional and international recognition of professional achievements, being part of the CITPM community creates an opportunity for project managers in the infocomm industry to network, share and learn from each other's experiences. I would definitely encourage all ICT project managers to attain the CITPM certification.

Mr. Leslie Tan, CITPM (Senior)
Director, Business Application Services
NCS Pte Ltd

The CITPM is a professional certification which is a means for employers and clients to identify qualified IT Project Managers who are skilled and knowledgeable in implementing successful IT projects. Hence, being certified through the robust criteria and assessment process, sets one apart. It also challenges us to continue to improve our skills to retain the certification. I encourage IT Project Managers to attain this professional recognition.

Pauline Lim
Director, Enterprise Architecture & IT Revamp
Central Provident Fund Board

The CITPM certified project manager is much sought after and a valuable asset to many organisations and their clients. CITPM certification provides assurance that the Certified ITPM professionals have well demonstrated the high level of competencies and skill in IT project Management and possess distinguishing professionalism. The CITPM certification programme is most valued by ITPM practitioners and it definitely raises the level of excellence in IT project management chapter beyond the horizon.

Khin Myint Cho
Director (Business Systems)
CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd

CITPM is more than just a certification that allows me to gain trust and respect from my peers and customers. What I enjoyed most is the opportunity to network with other IT professionals to share our passion and experience, to learn and grow as the IT landscape evolves.

Lee Hwee Ling
Programme Manager
Defence Science & Technology Agency

Project Management is a critical skill that ensures the delivery of planned goals and results to the stakeholders. As practicing IT Project Managers, Certified CTIPM is important to our career development. Being a Certified CTIPM Senior represents a milestone in my career achievement. It also differentiates me from those who have yet to be certified. Additionally, the SCS CITPM Chapter organises regular events to promote the learning, sharing of experience and networking amongst IT Professionals. This cannot be more important in today's context. I would therefore urge Project Managers particularly yet to be certified to actively participate as well as enroll in SCS professional certifications.

Rose Lau
Program Manager
Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

The CITPM certification is an endorsement of the credential of our IT Project Managers' professional competency. Beyond the professional recognition, it also serve as a strong indicator of the Project Managers' skill, experience, confidence, and assurance in managing and delivering successful IT projects.

Tan Liong Choon
Associate, Project Management Practice
Institute of Systems Science, NUS

As IT professionals pursue upgrading opportunities, they should not forget the value of certifying their skills against a nationally recognized benchmark such as CITPM, COMIT and CITBCM. My dream is for the national standard to be internationally recognized as a mark of IT competence and professionalism.

Alvin Ong
Chief Information Officer
Nanyang Technological University

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