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Certification in Outsourcing Management for IT

Hear what the stalwarts and our own COMITs have to say

"This certification will act as a benchmark for your skills and competencies in outsourcing management. Whether you are infocomm manager managing outsourcing activities or an infocomm professional who intends to pursue a career in the outsourcing area, be among the first to grab hold of this opportunity to be COMIT Certified!"

Khoong Hock Yun
Assistant Chief Executive, Infrastructure and Manpower Development
Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore

"At the end of the day, technology is only an enabler - it is people who make the ultimate difference to the businesses and society. To this end, we need to have a committed and instrumental in enriching Singapore's human capital and industry resources and in raising the standards of our IT outsourcing competencies. As the region's leading independent IT solutions and services provider, Datacraft welcomes the launch of this renowned IT outsourcing certification and strongly encourages our team to strive for the certification."

Bill Padfield
Chief Executive Officer
Dimension Data Pte. Ltd.

"Equinix believes that COMIT reinforces Singapore's commitment to becoming the leading IT hub in the region. This outsourcing certification certainly increases the attractiveness of local IT talents in the market. The structure of the COMIT ensures that the skills set of the certified professional remains current in a rapidly evolving industry. The COMIT will go a long way in raising the credibility of local IT professionals and companies as we rise to the challenges of the IT outsourcing market."

Clement Goh
Managing Director
Equinix Singapore Pte. Ltd.

"With this new benchmark in IT outsourcing competence, our IT professionals will be able to add more value and promote greater satisfaction to our customers."

Chang Yew Kong 
ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) Ptd. Ltd.

"Outsourcing is a trend which never dies. As companies seek to focus on their core businesses, the direction to outsourcing of IT management will be an ever-green path. SCS brings a greater good to the info-communications industry by championing this initiative through the certification process."

Chin Keng Cheong, COMIT (Senior)
Applications Program Director - SEA
HP Enterprise Services

"The COMIT certification serves as a standard for organisations to benchmark the knowledge and competence of their IT staff in managing outsourced projects. It also enables organisations to keep abreast of outsourcing trends and prepare their staff to manage outsourced projects effectively."

Tan Swee Hua, COMIT (Senior)
Senior Director
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapor

"COMIT has become a benchmark that is widely recognised and accepted for outsourcing project management. It is an independent assessment of competence and expertise, and it therefore can give Customers an independent assurance of the capability required to deliver quality and consistent outsourcing services."

Sim Tow Yong, COMIT (Senior)
Service Delivery Director
NCS Pre. Ltd.

Customers will inevitably look for a differentiation when choosing their outsourcing vendors. COMIT is an industry benchmark in IT outsourcing competence, that companies are now looking for and has over the years achieved a mark of distinction. With more of our colleagues attaining this certification, our customers look at us in a different light and preferably accept us as their vendor of choice.

Angeline Wee, COMIT (Senior)
Vice President
Managed Services Sector, Account Management
Computer Science Corporation

"COMIT certification recognizes IT professionals who attained high level of standards in outsourcing management against industry benchmarks. It sets the quality standards in measuring the level of competencies and management skills of IT professionals in outsourcing management. The stringent requirements of certification and recertification demands that the IT professionals continually keep abreast of the rapid changes in process, methods, technology and people management to be successful in outsourcing and remain relevant at all times. Get certified and be successful."

Ang Mui Kim, COMIT (Senior)
Ministry of Manpower

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