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As a seasoned practitioner and trainer of IT Service Management, I need to have a good insight of quality issues on IT-related matters. The CSQA course and certification provided a systematic framework for me to learn and apply this knowledge. It will enable me to make better decisions and take actions that will contribute towards IT services positively.

Tan Heng Meng
Managing Consultant
Technometrics Consultancy Services

Quality Management is a very important aspect of project management and ongoing daily BAU (Business As Usual) activities. It is very important to understand the depth of Quality Management principals and various techniques to satisfy business and user needs/requirements. The CSQA Certification has greatly enhanced my knowledge with respect to Quality Management principles, techniques, quality models and the quality processes that effectively help me to reduce the defect rate for my projects and ongoing BAU operations and also increases the user satisfaction with the end results.

SCS has provided very high quality training course with great material, scenario based and also provided in depth guidance for the CSQA exam model. CSQA training also provided me the PDUs that are required for the continuous PMP certification.

Now I am applying all the Quality principals, Models and Processes that I have learnt during the CSQA course training in my ongoing projects and BAU operations. It helps me to understand that it is always required to create/fix the processes instead of fixing individual defects, interprets the trend to identify the process gaps as well as implements corrective/required process to fix the gaps. Eventually, it helps me to run my projects and operation in "Green" with respect to cost and timeline.

Patel Vipulkumar Ramjibhai
Senior Technical Lead
HCL Technologies Pte Ltd

As an IT manager, I have witnessed the IT industry becomes more and more quality conscious. By going through the CSQA Certification program, I have the opportunity to improve and validate my QA knowledge systematically. The certificate shows the recognition by business and professional associates for me as a PROFESSIONAL, and also tells the management that my expertise is now recognized and how serious I am about my profession.

Colin Li Changen
Manager, CITS
SIM University

With software so pervasive in our daily lives, the consequences of software failure can be devastating in terms of economic and human cost. The CSQA certification is an affirmation of the knowledge I have acquired of the processes necessary to create quality software. As a Lecturer in the School of Informatics & IT at Temasek Polytechnic, I know that I would be able to use and share this knowledge and skill with both students in the classroom and with the industry partners that we collaborate with to develop quality software.

Pua Yeow Cheong
Senior Lecturer, School of Informatics & IT
Temasek Polytechnic

Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) certification is one of the best certifications available in the IT profession. This examination is designed to assess the ability of an IT professional in understanding the principles and practices of good quality management. Personally, this certification helped me to demonstrate my level of competence in the area of Software Quality Assurance. It also gave me an opportunity to explore industry best practices and use those that is relevant to my day to day activities.

Balaji Balasubramanian
Assistant Manager
Great Eastern Life

CSQA covers the full spectrum for quality assurance. I have learned about how the quality function will help an organization continuously improve and achieve a higher maturity level in the software development practices. In today's businesses, IT is one of the factors for business success. Managing software quality is thus important. CSQA has helped me to understand that software quality is affected by the software development "process". Hence, as quality professional, CSQA is the right course for me.

Paul Tan Aik Pang
QA Engineer
Quality Assurance, Information Technology
Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

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