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Course & Examination

Course Schedule

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CSTP Course & Exam Schedule
Course: 4 - 8 March 2019  (Open for Registration)
Exam:    13 March 2019
9.00 am -  5.00 pm
Nanyang Polytechnic, School of IT


Fees in this program are non-refundable and non-transferable

Training Course Fees Certification/Exam Fees
S$2,200.00 S$400.00

(Note: fees are exclusive of 7% GST and subject to change without prior notice) 

Be an Expert in the Software Testing now! 

5-Day Course
  • Practice-oriented course
  • Conducted by lecturers
  • Demonstrations and practical workshop sessions
  • Industry-standard software tools are used to provide participants with a realistic learning environment
1-Day Assessment

Examination Format

Participants will be trained in key aspects of software testing to meet the desired quality and security for ICT systems:

  • Software testing principles and processes in ICT systems
  • Development and test environment setup
  • Test planning, test case design and reporting
  • Black box testing
  • White box testing
  • Security testing

Practical Component
  • Small group or individual assessment
  • Required to follow the V model software development and testing methodology
  • Perform various reviews and testing activities at the different stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) through a mini project conducted

Written Component
  • Closed-book multiple-choice format
  • 40 multiple-choice questions (1 hour)

Practical Assessment

  • To develop a test plan and set up, or use, the build-and-test environment based on the given project requirement
  • To develop test cases along with the appropriate test data based on the given project's functional specification, and use cases
  • To perform static and dynamic code analysis and report the issues discovered in a partially or completed software system
  • To generate and analyze software metrics and measures, code coverage and implementation quality of the system and report the findings
  • To perform functional, regression, performance, security, and integration tests using various test cases and scenarios developed in prior steps for the system provided and to report the test results

The practical assessment will assess the participants' ability to:

  • Create a suitable test plan and set up, or use, the test environment
  • Develop suitable test cases and measure its effectiveness
  • To identify, generate and report various software metrics of a given system
  • Use various testing tools and apply appropriate testing techniques at various stages of SDLC

Retake for an Examination

Retaking of both practical and theory assessment with payment of full assessment fees is required only if participant fails the first sitting of practical assessment only. The second sitting will be held concurrently with the subsequent batch's assessment.

Retaking of the theory assessment is non-chargeable for the second time only if participant fails the first sitting of theory assessment.

Upon failure of either the theory or practical or both assessments in the second sitting, and with intention to sit for a third attempt at the assessment, the participant is required to pay the full exam fees.

Each participant is eligible for a maximum of three sittings for the assessments of either the practical or the theory, or both. Upon failure of the third sitting of the assessment, the participant is required to retake the course and will thus only be eligible for the subsequent batch's assessment.

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