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Certified Software Testing Professional

Frequently Asked Questions


1.What are the benefits of attending the CSTP training course?
Upon completion of the training course, participants will have sound understanding of methods, processes,
tools and technologies in software testing with a focus on the software quality control and security assurance


2.Can non-SCS members take part in this Certification Program?
Yes, all registrants in Singapore will be given free SCS membership in the 1st year of their enrolment.
This means that all eligible applicants automatically become SCS members and enjoy an array of benefits
offered by SCS ranging from professional development seminars to networking events.

About Course and Examinations

3.Do I have to take the examination to attain CSTP certification?
Yes, you have to take the examination.

4.Where are examination held?
Examinations are held at the end of the training course.

5.What is the examination format?
The six-hour examination consists of two components: a practical assessment (80%) and a written assessment (20%).

6.How can I register for the exam??
You can register for CSTP certification program HERE.

7.When will my certification expire?
The tenure of the CSTP certification is five years. CSTP holders can apply for recertification to maintain the professional title by taking an examination

Registration and Contact

8.Who can I contact for more information on CSTP certification?
Please contact the Certification Secretariat at 6226 2567, ext 15 or via email :

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