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Digital Proficiency Program

How will Digital Proficiency Programme benefit me?

With the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital revolution, it is important for all PMETS across all sectors to be digital-savvy and be equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills on relevant tech and digital applications to help you increase your work efficiency and meet the demands of today's workplace.

Acquisition of essential IT knowledge
Digital technology has reframed business models, making it imperative you are digitally-savvy in order to deal with the pressures and opportunities this disruption has brought about.
Attain a recognised standard for digital competencies
As a nationally-recognised course and certificate, DigiPro aligns well with the Singapore government's Digital Economy Framework in transforming the local workforce to be more digitally trained.
Keep digital skills current and up-to-date through modular courses
It is a reflection of your willingness to maintain your industry relevance and can also go towards maintain your value in the workplace through undergoing short modular courses. You also gain the ability to offer innovation solutions to the organisation that you work for.
Increased personal & organisational productivity & efficiency
Experience professional development and growth through the use of digital technology; a positive impact to your productivity such as improved collaboration with colleagues and a more flexible mindset in getting things done.
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