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Digital Proficiency Program

Digital Proficiency Programme enables PMETs to acquire the crucial digital knowledge and skills that help improve your work efficiency to meet the demand of today's workplace; and test against a recognised benchmark in the following four modules.

  • PMETs can attend any of the courses available at any levels of competency
  • Experienced PMETs can sign up for level 2 courses directly without having to go through level 1 courses though it is recommended that one should go for level 1 before undergoing for level 2 courses
  • Certificates with the recognized Digital Proficiency Programme emblem will be awarded upon the completion and passing of each level of the module

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The Digital Proficiency modules are:

DigiPro Module Overview (Level 1)

Branding Your Professional Image in Digital Economy
  • Define Professional Persona online (visual/descriptive)
  • Magnify Professional Persona via online engagement
Digital Content Creation
  • Principles of visual design
  • Skills to create content (Eg. Infographics/ Videos/ Photos/ Writing/ Podcast)
  • Set up a website or social media platform account and be able to create original content
  • Publishing content online
  • Introduction to social media platforms/business tools
  • IP issues
  • Foundational knowledge of IT Security in relation to personal computing environment
  • Introduction knowledge of Related IT/cybersecurity laws and regulations in Singapore
  • Introduction to network, services and applications from security perspectives
  • Emphasis of good security practices to protect from potential compromises & cyber risks
Business Data & Insights
  • Capture data
  • Storage for easy access
  • Protect data

DigiPro Module Overview (Level 2)

Digital Content Creation
  • Create original graphical work using professional graphics editing tool
  • Apply basic video capture principles to capture video footage
  • Apply editing techniques to video footage using professional editing tools
  • Create responsive /mobile friendly HTML web page
  • Articulate what advanced tools exist on blogging platforms such as Wordpress
  • Utilise basic scripting tools for customisation purposes
  • Intermediate knowledge of IT Security and its impact on both personal space & within enterprise
  • Knowledge of various components of an enterprise IT Security Management System covering IT security policy, standards, guidelines, procedures and management framework for holistic security
  • Understand different threat vectors in computing devices, threat actors and types of attacks
  • Foundation knowledge of IT threat detection and prevention systems & how they are implemented to protect enterprise
  • Introduction of PDPA and its compliance expectations
Business Data & Insights
  • Understand how data is prepared
  • Visualization of data and presentation of data in meaningful format
  • Analyzing data
  • Communication of data for business insights

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