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Digital Proficiency Program

Empowering Future-Ready Skilled Workers with Knowledge & Application of Essential Digital Skills through Nationally Recognized DigiPro Program

Technological advancements in the workplace have led to a markedly different way of getting things done; digital knowledge and application skills are now key in every job. It is the perfect opportunity to expand your existing skillsets and upskill your digital competencies.  It will enhance your capabilities and empower you to add value to your organisation.
What is Digital Proficiency Programme?
  • A recognised benchmark for digital knowledge and skills for PMETs
  • Quality standard and recognition for essential digital knowledge and skills to help increase work efficiency and organisational productivity
  • Provides a means for PMETs to test digital knowledge against a defined benchmark in the following key digital competencies:


Learn about IT Security and its impact on both the personal and organisational level. Gain fundamental knowledge about cybersecurity laws and regulations in Singapore, cyber threats and good security practices. Become versed in detecting and protecting devices and software for intrusions. Have an understanding of PDPA (Personal DataProtection Act) and know how to comply with its requirements.

Business Data & Insights 

Be aware of the various data formats and the importance of useful data. Discover how you can collect, protect and store it for easy access. Grasp how to analyse, visualise and present such data in meaningful formats so as to communicate business insights.   

Digital Content Creation 

Master the principles of visual design and acquire skills to create content such as infographics,videos, photos and podcasts for your audience. Learn about social media platforms and websites; understand possible Internet Protocol issues and be able to publish content online.


Branding Your Professional Image in the Digital Economy

Attain the know-how to use targeted keywords to define your own professional persona fora digital resume. Be able to magnify this professional persona via content marketing and online engagement to garner job opportunities.  

For Who?

Digital Proficiency Program is for all Professionals, Managers, Engineers and Technicians (PMETs) of every industry. Any individual with an interest to upskill their digital competencies can sign up for the DigiPro courses today.


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