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Mr Zhang LiZi

IT Youth, 2012

As a President Research Scholar during his undergraduate studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Mr Zhang Lizi was inspired by Facebook's success and commits himself to devising a trust ranking algorithm for online social networks. He mined interaction data to model the level of trust of virtual community members in his first attempt at solving the social trust ranking problem. Eventually, he presented his novel user trust model TruRank, at a premier international conference on user modeling in Spain, and received considerable attention across the world.

Inspired by feedback from world-class experts, Lizi next designed a virtual community trustworthy friend recommendation model IntRank, which did not suffer from the "rich-getting-richer" problem of the traditional  "People you may know" mechanism. His IntRank has proven successful on, and was presented at an IEEE international conference on trusted computing in China.

Besides social computing, Lizi's interest was piqued by the huge economic losses suffered by e-commerce due to unfair rating attacks to the voting systems. His research in state-of-the-art voting systems won him the Platinum, Peer Assessment, and Popularity Awards in Discover Undergraduate Research at NTU. As the first student in the school's history to sweep all the award categories in the renowned competition, Lizi was featured on the university's and school's homepages as an IT star. He is now leading a group in the reputation system robustness analysis research, pioneering a new trend of robust reputation system design, which will have a significant impact on the future of e-commerce.

Lizi's outstanding academic achievements have impressed the world's top IT research. He was invited by California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to meet their IT research groups and discuss Caltech's sustainable computing projects, to improve the way human beings manage and allocate natural resources while enriching and transforming IT. Lizi's proposed user trust models would also hopefully be deployed in the next-generation virtual communities to forge closer relationships among diverse ethnic groups in multicultural and cosmopolitan Singapore.

After completing a Business Minor during his freshman year, Lizi was highly motivated to apply IT in ways that would benefit more people. Lizi actively contributes his IT expertise in many local and overseas communities with the goal of benefitting others. He is a student tutor at School of Computer Engineering, NTU, teaching juniors about advanced IT concepts. He also volunteered to teach IT at a USA high school, where most students are from racial minorities and low-income families. In light of the difficulties encountered by young people in studying English, Lizi applied his computational linguistics research capabilities to independently design and develop the innovative online English learning system iSEA to benefit English learners globally. At a local primary school, Lizi used IT to stimulate pupils' interest in learning and facilitate their understanding.

Lizi has also served in the executive committees of Risk & Insurance Management Association of Singapore, NTU Student Chapter, and Heritage Club. As a Peer Reviewer in international IT workshops (TRUM and AUM), Lizi hopes that his feedback would influence global researchers in shaping IT's tomorrow. With his immense passion for IT research, consistent self-motivation, and an inquiring mindset, Lizi motivates the youth to delve into IT to forge a better world.

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