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Mr Lua Rui Ping

IT Youth, 2008

Lua Rui Ping has been a catalyst for the growth of computer technology through participation and integration in the student community, interacting with the various technological platforms around him.                     

Ruiping has served as a Microsoft student partner, SUN campus ambassador and as NTU-Singapore Computer Society's student representative. In 2007, Ruiping represented Singapore in the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco with a scholarship awarded by Apple. In his capacity as a developer evangelist, he has organized various technology programs, road shows, and student workshops.

By having a close working relationship with Microsoft, SUN and Apple, he and his team have advantageously positioned NTU students at an advantage to join the industry. In order to facilitate this, Ruiping started CODEX, a platform for the school to incubate extraordinary projects and ideas to benefit both the industry and community.

Ruiping's experience in the computer field came from his participation in the various robotics competitions. These competitions include the Interschool Micro mouse Competition, Singapore Robotics Games, in which he had won consecutive champion standings.

He had also participated in local programming competitions including National Olympiad in Informatics, National Software Competition and Cyber war games, organized by DSTA, where he emerged as a finalist. His entry "A Remotely Controlled Transportation Robot via Wireless Internet" earned him the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor's Award - Defense Science Award.

His commitment to IT has been acknowledged throughout the years by his academic institutes and peers. He received the Distinction service award from Saint Joseph's Institution's Computer Club and the outstanding service award for his role in the Student Council at Anglo-Chinese Junior College.

His burning passion for computer technologies exists not only within the boundaries of his student life. During his leisure time, he works at InCampus Pte Ltd, a start-up which specializes in research outsourcing. His responsibilities to date include management of various research projects and his company has also collaborated with various Singapore's research and educational institutions.

Ruiping's recent efforts are dedicated to the development of Collaborative Developers Ecosystem Experiment, CODEX. It is an augmented virtual collaboration environment and will serve as a platform for students to develop their own ideas and products for the future development of the IT industry.

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