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Mr Roger Lim

Young Professional of the Year, 2008

Roger Lim is the CEO and co-founder of Webvisions Pte Ltd.

Roger has had more than 10 years of practicing experience in the Information Security arena. He holds several certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Personnel (CISSP) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

As CEO of Webvisions, Roger is a pioneer of the Asia-Pacific web hosting industry, and has grown the company from a startup of 3 partners to a company with over 100 employees in 2008. In the course of the eleven years since the company's founding, Webvisions has expanded its customer base from 50 in the first year to over 20,000 by early 2008. Webvisions expects to post revenues close to $20 million this year.

Among Roger's accomplishments are the execution of successful first and second-round funding, the rollout of one of Singapore's first commercial Internet Data Center facilities and multi-country hosting operations.

In 2007, Roger led the company's overseas expansion aggressively expanding its China customer base through key acquisitions of hosting companies. Roger is responsible for charting the company's direction, including its strategic planning, technical engineering and financial management.

Webvisions currently provides dedicated hosting & professional managed services throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore, Sydney, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. With Webvisions' "One Host in Asia" programme, Webvisions services major clientele from the UK, Europe and USA with uniform service agreements and server hosting with uniform configurations throughout major Asia-Pacific cities.

Roger has extensive knowledge of the Data Center industry, particularly in system administration, systems security, network management and internet-related technologies. Roger is unique in his ability to combine salesmanship, business acumen and technological expertise. Previously, Roger implemented key software solutions for various companies under the Sony Corporation umbrella.

Roger graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Computer Science and Information Systems.

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