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Mr Loke Lup Peng

IT Youth, 2009

Lup Peng was an active Microsoft Student Partner during his years in tertiary education at Temasek Polytechnic where he organized events aimed at upgrading various IT skill sets. The events helped enhance, both lecturers and students alike, relevant technical skills that gave them an edge in the industry. He also helped set up and spearhead a Special Interest Group to invoke interest in IT within the faculty's student body. Lup Peng also took an active interest in community projects such as the trip to Hainan Island in China to set up computers and networks in a computer lab for a school.

Through these events, both local and overseas, he has brought the student IT community closer together and helped bridge the gap between the tech savvy and non-tech savvy.

Lup Peng has participated in numerous research projects which have seen him collaborating with government agencies and multinational companies. One of the more interesting projects is Lightdraw, a revolutionary Human Computer Interface that allows ordinary light sources and laser pointers to control objects on a computer screen. The project was developed in conjunction with the Institute of High Performance Computing, a research agency of A*STAR. Lup Peng also collaborated with the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Singapore to develop the innovative Road Monitoring Gadget using LTA's video camera streams and Windows Vista Sidebar. The gadget has been popular, as evidenced by its popularity; having more than 17,000 downloads.

Lup Peng has shared many of his experiences with his peers and inspired many others to partake in similar competitions to challenge their limits. His involvement as the President of his diploma's Special Interest Group and as a campus leader in the Microsoft Student Partner programme also allowed him to share his technical knowledge and skills with fellow students through a variety of fun and exciting events.

Lup Peng strongly believes in contributing back to society, challenging the limits and exploring new areas of research. His focus and dedication in the IT field have touched the lives of many others both locally and abroad. He exemplifies the qualities of a "TechnoStrategist" that our Infocomm industry seeks to nurture.

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