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Mrs Pearleen Chan

Hall Of Fame, 2009

Pearleen started her IT career in 1969 at the Electronic Data Processing Unit of the Ministry of Finance which served the IT computing needs of the government. When the National Computer Board was formed in 1981, Pearleen was asked to spearhead the Civil Service Computerisation program spanning 32 sites with more than 600 professionals managing the data centres and developing 300 to 400 applications.

In 1988, the foundation of today's e-government was laid when Pearleen, as the Deputy General manager of National Computer Board (NCB), delivered a successful Civil Service Computerisation Program (CSCP) effort which has made the Civil Service one of the most efficient and responsive in the world, and a model that many other nations in the world are trying to emulate.

At NCB, Pearleen was also involved in conceptualising TradeNet, Singapore's first nationwide implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which added a quantum leap to the efficiency of moving goods through Singapore.

In 1988, she moved from NCB to start up Singapore Network Services, to operate TradeNet and to extend the use of EDI to improve the efficiency of the supply chain, access to legal services and medical services. Pearleen also took on the role of Chairman of the EDI for Administration, Commerce and Trade Board (EDIFACT) to promote the use of EDI and EDIFACT standards in Asia. She took Singapore Network Services to 6 other countries and set up joint ventures in China, India, Canada, Mauritius, and Philippines.

Having pioneered a very successful launch of EDI services and promoting its use at seminars and conferences worldwide, Pearleen moved on to take up the challenge of moving to a totally new industry in 2003.

After a short period working in the banking industry to launch Business-2-Business commerce for small and medium enterprises, Pearleen joined Singapore Airlines as the Divisional Vice President responsible for applications delivery across the SIA group of companies. She is currently working as an advisor in Accenture to share the knowledge and experience gained in the past 40 years.

While working on the CSCP and TradeNet, Pearleen also devoted time to the SCS. In 1987, she became the President of the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) for the Information Management (SIM) Singapore Chapter. She then became Vice President of the Singapore Computer Society in 1988 and President in 1991.

In her first year as President, Pearleen transformed the SCS with plans that were put together by the Executive Council and Secretariat. The SCS 2000 plan formed the blueprint for development of the Society, and set the foundation for SCS to meet the growing needs of a maturing IT profession through its programs and activities.

Pearleen was also the Chairman of the National IT standards Committee and served on the board of Information Technology Institute/Institute of Systems Science in addition to many other committees that she sat on at educational institutions and others.

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