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Ms Winne Soh Siow Chei

IT Youth, 2009

Winne had started pursuing her interest in IT since her early schooling days. At 15, she launched her first self-created CD-ROM production titled "Legend of the Modern City", which reached more than 3000 students in Singapore. Her innovation was showcased at the Learning Metropolis Convention in 2000.

With the belief that the future development of the internet would be a connection of 3D spaces that opens up new ways for users to share content and collaborate virtually, Winne co-founded Dream Axis Pte Ltd, a contents provider company launched in early 2008 with the core purpose of developing virtual space as a mainstream media channel. She is the driving force behind shaping the company's business direction and also oversees its operations while working with partners from the United States, Australia and China. Under her leadership, Dream Axis had recently successfully deployed a virtual campus project led by NUS Computer Centre that attracted more than 9000 student and visitor logins since its inauguration.

Aside from the affirmation of Dream Axis's accomplishment, Winne has already garnered numerous accolades, including receiving the Platinum Award for ThinkQuest Internet Challenge in 2002. She had also previously initiated the first nationwide Chinese Cultural Knowledge Competition in 1998 and organised IT Challenge - a nationwide competition to promote IT awareness among secondary school students.

Winne also volunteers her time, serving the Association of MACHINIMA Arts & Sciences (AMAS) to evangelize the Machinima movement in Asia, a film-making method that compiles and manipulates existing video game characters and environments into a virtual film. Winne believes that Machinima is a potential catalyst of the interactive digital media movement in Singapore as these efforts would help identify and groom the next generation of local game makers and animators and develop the local talent pool critical to the growth of Singapore's digital media and entertainment industry.

Winne's efforts and dedication in the development of the virtual environment that benefits users is exemplary. As an IT Youth Award winner, she serves as a role model for innovative students to push forward their ideas and achieve their dreams.

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