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Dr Bernard Leong

Young Professional of the Year, 2010

A founding partner at Thymos Capital LLP, Bernard has, since 2007, been investing in and mentoring a wide range of companies in the IT landscape in conjunction with the IDMPO Office, Media Development Authority. The portfolio of companies he has worked with includes online social networks, mobile-web applications and gaming consoles and he has advised companies like AzukiSoft, Eteract and iHipo on product development, business and marketing strategies. To date, Thymos Capital has funded a total of 35 companies amongst which three (Versonic, Time Voyager and Foyage) have received follow up investments that have taken them to the next stage of development. Thymos Capital has also helped her portfolio of companies expand into China and Japan, by securing partnerships and working with respective local partners Isaac Mao & Partners (Shanghai) and Technology Seed Incubator (Tokyo).

As a community organiser, Bernard co-founded SGEntrepreneurs in 2005, growing it from a blog to a premier entrepreneurship portal that provides value added services and promotes start-ups, mainly in the IT space to mainstream media such as Straits Times, Today and foreign technology news sites such as Engadget. Under Bernard's stewardship, became the first portal in Asia to partner with Microsoft in their BizSpark programme for IT start-ups and is also now one of the top entrepreneurial resource destinations in Asia with a strong following globally and is mentioned by government agencies such as IDA, SPRING, ACE and also by brands like IKEA Singapore.

Recently, together with his co-founder, Saumil Nanavati, he has launched Chlkboard, a location-based mobile web service that helps SMEs (Retail shops and outlets) send promotional information to consumers in the vicinity. He serves as the Chief Technology Officer of the company and is instrumental in developing and taking the product to market.

Prior to his current stint in the private sector, Bernard spent four years in the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Genome Institute of Singapore and has applied computational techniques in the analysis of the human genome and stem cell regulation in humans. As a multi-disciplinary academic, he has published in prestigious journals (Cell, Astrophysical Journal and Physical Review D) in several fields: theoretical physics, computational biology, economics and public policy relating to technology entrepreneurship and social media. Bernard is also an active inventor with Intellectual Ventures' invention development fund, working on new innovations on biocomputing and IT.

He enjoys mentoring and working with young entrepreneurs and won the NUS Outstanding Young Alumni Award in 2007 for his work with students in NUS on several entrepreneurial initiatives. He is currently teaching technology entrepreneurship in the Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre and School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, NTU.

Bernard graduated with a BSc from National University of Singapore and held a PhD (Physics) from the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University.

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