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Mr Lim Hup Seng

IT Leader of the Year, 2010

Lim Hup Seng was the Deputy Secretary (Performance) in the Ministry of Finance (MOF) from 2005 to 2009. Prior to joining MOF, he served in a variety of public capacities including as Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Defence and in the Public Service Division as the Secretary of the Public Service Commission and General Manager of Health Corporation of Singapore.

His wealth of experience is in public policy development and public service delivery, in particular, his interest and passion lies in shared systems/services and e-Government. Hup Seng's ability to look at issues from an overarching perspective and size things down to the core was what kept the project moving towards the common vision. His ability to inspire officers with enthusiasm and rally stakeholders to work together to overcome obstacles was a valuable asset to the successful implementation of various government initiatives.

While in MOF, Hup Seng led the development of the iGov2010 masterplan, which seeks to bring about an integrated Government (iGov) that satisfies customers and connects citizens through the use of IT. The masterplan guides public agencies to work as one across agency boundaries, to reap the benefits of synergies and exploit new opportunities.

As the Chairman of the iGov Steering Committee, he personally sponsors numerous service-wide programmes and initiatives to achieve the integrated government vision, and was instrumental in initiating projects where synergies needed to be forged with multiple stakeholders in order to ensure the success of the projects.

Hup Seng spearheaded the Alliance for Corporate Excellence (ACE), a shared HR, Finance and Procurement system for 11 government agencies that was commissioned in September 2009. Unlike most IT consolidation projects, ACE is not a "one-size-fits-all" system but instead recognises the unique needs of each participating agency and allows them to customise the system to meet specific business needs. Under his leadership, an approach of partnership and collaboration was taken where all agencies were brought together to jointly define the shared vision, objectives and outcomes of the project. Agencies were given an equal say in the design and development of ACE, and this helped to forge a strong sense of ownership of the project among the agencies.

As Chairman of the Programme Steering committee, Hup Seng took an active role in all phases of the project, and his commitment gave agencies the assurance that ACE would succeed. Participating agencies were very appreciative of the valuable advice provided by him and his team at various junctures and positive feedback has been received from agencies and participants on their project experiences.

The Unique Entity Number (UEN) project led and coordinated by Hup Seng seeks to introduce a standard identification number for all entities registered in Singapore. It is a key building block in the integration of public sector data and interactions with entities. UEN brings convenience to entities as they will no longer need to use different identification numbers to interact with different government agencies. Through his leadership, 84 government agencies were able to smoothly transit over to use the new identification number with minimal disruption to daily operations.

As a result of Hup Seng's dedication to fostering an integrated Government, Singapore achieved the top position in the 2009 Waseda University International e-Government ranking, the first time an Asian country had been given this honour. Singapore also maintain the 1st position in the 2008-09 World Economic Forum's Global IT Report's Government Readiness sub-index and improved from 4th to 2nd position for the Government Usage sub-index.

Hup Seng holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Aston in Birmingham, United Kingdom and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from NUS.

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