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Mr Pan Zheng Xiang

IT Youth, 2010

"Transforming lives with the innovative use of computer technology" has been Zhengxiang's dream and desire since young. His passion for innovation was ignited during his formative years in secondary school where he had been chosen for the MOE Gifted Education Innovation Programme. He found the prospects of being able to make a difference in shaping human lives exhilarating. He began to discover the beauty of embracing IT with an innovative mindset in order to solve day-to-day problems.

On the international level, he invented iChat with Frasia, an interactive system empowered by artificial intelligence to connect with youths internationally. His invention, launched at the First Asian Youth Games (AYG), responded to around 27,000 messages within the first week and was commended by the AYG organizing committee and IDA-SSC for its ingenuity. He was also appointed the IT youth volunteer head at a game venue. He is currently upgrading his system into iChat with Merly and Lyo for the Youth Olympic Games 2010.

As the recipient of the Asia Pacific Next Generation (APNG) conference scholarship by Singapore Network Information Center (SGNIC), he led the Singapore delegates in the international conference. Under his leadership, Singapore emerged as the top nation among 19 countries and won the best cultural representation award despite this being their inaugural visit.

On a national level, he has developed the core curriculum activity (CCA) management system in his position as the National Police Cadet Corps' IT Head Officer and has actively promoted crime-prevention with the help of IT. As a student councilor (IT), he assisted departmental heads with interactive teaching materials and represented school for competitions such as National Software.

With the conviction that IT holds the key to bringing peers together, he spearheaded collaborations between the Current Affairs Debating Club and the Internet Club to develop web applications/games to attract and bond members while studying at School of IT, NYP. Leveraging on his post of his secondary schools' IT ambassador, he proposed instant-messaging as NYP's mode of outreach during the admission-period and was appointed in-charge of this inaugural IT-supported outreach program. He distinguished himself in various competitions such as emerging as the Microsoft Imagine Cup where he emerged as the finalist. His activities culminated in him being awarded the Commendation Award by NYP School of IT for his preeminent display of creativity in the domain of IT.

Taking IT innovations to greater heights, he contributed to national security and counter-terrorism efforts. Zhengxiang led teams in developing IT solutions to enhance military operations, communication and productivity. Notably, his innovation, the Innovative Pass Verification Systems (IPVS), with an estimated commercial value of $800,000.00, was Singapore's first IT-driven solution aimed at protecting sensitive military installations. It re-enforced security at national events like the Air Force Open House. He presented his innovative ideas that incorporated cutting edge military technology to the then Chief of Air-Force, Chief of Army, Chief of Navy and Minister of Defence. In his capacity as a national service fulltime (NSF), he successfully led award-winning Work Improvement Teams (Innovation category). His passionate IT leadership in spearheading and planning these projects within stringent time constraints resulted in 12 prestigious military awards. His perseverance and relentless efforts for national security earned him the due title of "A-STAR Soldier", in Pioneer, a publication produced by the Singapore Armed Forces.

He has been honorably crowned "Champion Student" by NTU for winning competitions and IT initiatives, he's an ardent believer in the momentous role that IT can play in enriching lives. He triumphed, winning the first prize at the A*STAR Youth Research Program's 5th Anniversary Challenge, conducted by the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. Another first, Zhengxiang provided a technological boost to the NTU Students' Union Ministerial Forum. He led a team to leverage on popular new media platforms, thereby developing StudentConnect - a creative platform that built a bridge between the student community and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

With a warm heart for community service, he reaches out to underprivileged children and people with disabilities. While serving as the Chairman for WeLL (We Love Learning) nurture program and 1st Vice Chairman of Henderson Youth Group (Peoples' Association Youth Movement), he pioneered the computer-interactive-learning (CIL) platform for under-privileged children in the community to improve their literacy and IT skills. As the President of the Singapore Computer Society Student Chapter-NTU School of Computer Engineering, he inspired and garnered student's support to employ IT as a tool for reaching out to the underprivileged community through education.

Apart from technological pursuits, the all-rounder Zhengxiang busies himself with other meaningful activities such as promoting religious harmony as an interfaith ambassador. He broadened his horizon by leading teams to represent Singapore for in intellectually stimulating debating competitions. As a fervid sports enthusiast, he captained the NTU table tennis team at the International Games and achieved an impressive result of 12 gold medals.

His recent efforts are dedicated to the research development of OneConnect, an innovative IT platform where residents spread community awareness with a snowball effect and enrich the lives of the under-privileged in Singapore. As an IT Youth Award winner, Zhengxiang is an exemplary role model for the youth, inspiring them to step forward and make a difference for the community. He lives life to the fullest and encourages others  to "Live each day as if it were your last and you'll develop keen respect for time, opportunity and creativity! Transforming lives through the innovative use of computer technology."

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