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Mr Loi Liang Yang

IT Youth, 2019

"Transform Singapore Into The Technology Hub of The World"- Loi Liang Yang

Having visited the top technology companies in Silicon Valley like Google, IBM, Mastercard and other successful technology start-ups after winning the Singapore Airlines App Challenge in 2015 as an undergraduate in the School of Computing in National University of Singapore, Loi was inspired by the enormous benefits that technology could bring to society.

Coming back home to Singapore, Loi started to actively work on his skills so that he can begin championing the importance of technology and cyber-security to the next generation of technology professionals. What better way to share this tremendous amount of knowledge but through a digital platform, YouTube, that has exceeded more than 350,000 views and 4,000 subscribers to provide technology and cyber-security content to the public at no costs so that the community can adopt essential cyber-security practices to safeguard themselves.

Loi has worked with the local community through cyber-security sharing workshops. The sharing from the lens of a cyber-criminal and how cyber-attacks to the industry are carried out help users and enterprises become better informed of the growing cyber threats and how they can better protect themselves.

Together with the team of youths from the IT Youth Council of Singapore Computer Society, Loi has worked on multiple technology and cyber-security sharing to the IT professionals and undergraduate students so as to inspire the next generation of technology leaders of Singapore.

By actively participating in the industry through workshops and sharing, Loi aspires to realise his vision of transforming Singapore into a technology hub of the world that can ultimately make our home a better place.

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