The Leading Infocomm and
Digital Media Professional Society in Singapore

Code of Conduct            

 SCS Members will:
  • act at all times with integrity
  • accept full responsibility for their work
  • always aim to increase their competence
  • act with professionalism to enhance the prestige of the profession and the Society
 SCS members will act at all times with integrity. They will:
  • not lay claim to a level of competence that they do not possess
  • act with complete discretion when entrusted with confidential information
  • be impartial when giving advice and will disclose any relevant personal interests
  • give credit for work done by others where credit is due
 SCS members will accept full responsibility for their work. They will:
  • carry out their assignments in a professional manner
  • adhere to their employers' or client's standards and guidelines
  • indicate to their employers or clients the consequences to be expected if their professional judgement is overruled
 SCS members will always aim to increase their competence. They will:
  • continue to upgrade their knowledge and skills, and be aware of relevant development in the technology they are involved in
  • provide opportunity and encouragement for professional development and advancement to fellow professionals and aspirants to the profession
  • extend public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of information technology and to oppose false or deceptive statements related to information technology of which they are aware
 SCS members will act with professionalism to enhance the prestige of the profession and the Society. They will:
  • uphold and improve the professional standards of the Society through participation in their formulation, establishment and enforcement
  • not seek personal advantage to the detriment of the Society
  • not speak on behalf of the Society without proper authority
  • not slander the professional reputation of any other person
  • use their special knowledge and skill for the advancement of human welfare
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