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SingHealth Cyberattack Advisory 

Dear SCS members, believe you'd read about the attacks on data records at Singhealth. All patients, whether or not their data has been compromised, will also receive an SMS notification over the next five days. They can also access the Health Buddy mobile app or SingHealth website to check if they are affected by this incident. If you're affected, here's some recommended actions and advice from the good folks at SCS Infocomm Security Chapter. 

1. Do NOT panic! 

2. Change all passwords both offline and online, if they use permutations of your name or NRIC. 

3. Review privacy settings on online user accounts. 

4. Review and change security questions based on personal data. 

5. Call up your credit card company to change the security question and answer. 

6. Be wary of frauds/scams/unauthorized activities, especially those that only require only those few pieces of personal data to authorize/validate. 

7. Take extra precautions against phone or online scams, particularly when they know your full name, where you stay, or entice you to reveal your passwords due to the incident. 

8. Activate 2FA (two-factor authentication) if you have not done so. 

9. Do not reply to unsolicited emails or social media invitations. If you receive such from people you know, confirm with them offline before accepting. 

10. Consider changing your user ID (where possible) if it is based on your NRIC, DoB or Postal Code.


Congratulations to the Champions from Nanyang Polytechnic and Dunman High!

A big Thank You to the 400 youths, lecturers and guests who joined us at the SCS 15th Splash Awards 2018 on 7 July!

This year's competition, themed AI Innovation, has challenged the youths to come up with projects on how Artificial Intelligence can be harnessed in the realms of community-building, education, family & lifestyle, healthcare and transport, logistics & communications.

Our heartiest congratulations to Nanyang Polytechnic and Dunman High School for coming in first at the Tertiary and Pre-tertiary Categories respectively! Check out their creative entries HERE.

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If you feel it's time to acquire new skills or knowledge, or you're unsure of which career path to take, or simply want to explore your career options, SCS Career Compass is here to help you discover and maximise your potential

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