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With technology disrupting every trade and industry, all businesses and professionals across all sectors are being constantly being challenged to remain digitally relevant in order to stay ahead of the curve. SCS is collaborating with the non-tech associations and chambers in non-tech sectors to jointly craft out tech training, programs and dialogues sessions that help provide latest tech updates to the members of trade associations and professional bodies in selected sectors.

Through the engagement of non-tech associations, SCS aims to help these non- tech professionals to embrace tech and be equipped with the relevant digital skills critical in their jobs and also their businesses.

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Infocomm is one of the most diverse and rapidly evolving industries in the marketplace today. The SCS Special Interest Groups help members to stay focused on the latest developments in hot and emerging trends and technologies. In addition to a host of exclusive SIG membership privileges, each SIG connects you to like-minded professionals, best practices, and learning opportunities that will expand your professional network, technical knowledge, as well as soft skills.

SIG membership includes:

  • Significant discounts on the registration for the SIG's events
  • Opportunity to network with leading visionaries and technology experts in your field
  • Free tickets to selected conferences and events
  • Priority registration to the SIG's events

Explore and join our SCS Special Interest Groups today:

  • AI & Robotics (AI & R)
  • Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality (AR/ VR)
  • Blockchain/DLT SIG
  • Data Centre (DC)
  • Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
  • Technopreneurship (TNR)
  • Women in Technology (WiT)
AI & Robotics SIG (AI & R)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics applications are expected to fuel the next wave of technological improvements. AI is envisaged to bring a quantum leap in planning, perception, language processing and bring forth intelligence to many of our daily life applications.

Major companies are now investing heavily in various aspects of AI to power the next generation of applications, and they are also pursuing in different types of usage in AI and robotics such as unmanned technology and driver-less cars.

The SIG expects more interest and investment in these areas in the near future and it aims to bring the world of artificial intelligence and robotics to the members through education and engagement with different communities.

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Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality SIG (AR/ VR)

The AR/VR SIG aims to promote and grow the collective knowledge and applied professionalism in AR/ VR in Singapore and SEA, so as to level up our local capabilities and companies to create new levels of experience with this new generation of digital media.

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Blockchain/DLT SIG

Blockchains are decentralised, globally-distributed, strongly consistent replicated systems that run across networks of mutually untrusting nodes. Since the inception of Bitcoin's decentralized cash application, modern blockchain systems have evolved the ability to run arbitrary distributed applications with the promise of supporting entire decentralized economies and business ecosystems across industries.

As the use cases & applications of blockchain consistently increase, the SIG would enable industry professionals as well as new members to collaborate and push Singapore to be at the forefront of blockchain development.

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Data Centre SIG (DC)

DC SIG serves as a platform to bring the community of Data Centre (DC) professionals of different industries together on education and engagement with all DC related matters. From expert knowledge sharing to networking with the various DC professionals across different industries, DC SIG aims to explore innovations and technologies to grow DC as a profession to meet the growing DC needs in the industry.

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Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

Open source is helping to change the world with its collaborative and sharing approach. In recent years, the phenomenon of open source being an important platform for innovation has become very apparent in the world of information technology. The huge toolbox of open source software is providing accessible technologies to everyone, from individuals to enterprises. The SIG aims to bring the world of open source to members through education and encourage engagement with the larger communities. Members can learn about what is FOSS, how they can create and innovate using FOSS, share experience, and collaborate with others.

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Technopreneurship SIG (TNR)

The TNR SIG aims to address the growing relevance of Technopreneurship in Singapore and to promote and nurture a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship endeavours among infocomm professionals. The SIG will be organising mentorship and networking programmes for tech start-ups specifically the Business to Business segment. There will also be seminars, dialogues and partnership with other industry bodies to help start-ups.

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Women in Technology SIG (WiT)

The WiT SIG's mission is to increase female participation through the creation of a platform for professional women to connect, learn and lead in the technology industry. It aims to connect professional women in technology and encourage learning through topic discussions, showcasing and sharing of knowledge and experience in the technology sector and in leadership positions. The WiT SIG seeks to lead by providing thought leadership, linking new generations of talent, and encouraging entry into the industry.

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